When these three feelings appear during pregnancy, this is a signal of the baby’s uncomfortable uncomfortable. Pregnant mothers need to know

After most women get married, they are more eager to have a child who belongs to themselves. When she is pregnant, she is full of expectations and fantasies about the baby. I want to see the baby quickly, I want the baby to be healthy in the stomach, I want the baby to be smart and cute after birth, etc.When mothers are looking forward to it, then only fantasies are not good. Pregnant mothers need to act during pregnancy, so as to promote the baby to be healthier and develop better, so don’t be too idle during pregnancy.Look at the knowledge about pregnancy, knowing how to do it is the best for your baby.

If these three feelings appear during pregnancy, this is the uncomfortable signal of the baby. This is specially paid attention to during pregnancy. If it is not clear, you can solve it in time when there is a problem.If you have a problem, it will be a bit late. In severe cases, your baby or itself will be dangerous.

1. The fetus moves very frequently

In general, during the pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s belly has some big movements. If the fetal movement is very frequent, it is actually a signal of the baby’s uncomfortable. The pregnant mother must know that at this time, the fetus is in a low oxygen state.In restlessness, it moves quickly in the uterus, just like someone can’t breathe as if someone is holding his own neck. Then, after the pregnant mother feels it, don’t care about it. Don’t delay time.

However, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to that the baby’s movement is more frequent, but it is not necessarily hypoxia. It may also be that some pregnant mothers have less abdominal fat and thin uterus.In some, they are often so regular. Only that suddenly happens, you have to pay special attention.

2. The fetal movement is significantly reduced

Pay more attention to fetal movements. Pay more attention to fetal movements. At 16 weeks of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers can feel the fetal movement. As the fetal baby grows up slowly, the fetal movement will be more powerful and more regular. Then there is a kind of fetal movement.The reduction is normal, that is, after the fetus enters the pelvis, because at this time the baby’s head is already in the pelvic cavity, then the body is curled up, and the baby is already very large. Without much space, the fetal movement will become less.

As long as the fetal movement has always been in a very regular state, it is normal, but when the fetal movement is often different, the fetal movement is suddenly very frequent, and then the fetal movement is very small.It means that he is very uncomfortable, and to make the pregnant mother be vigilant. This phenomenon is actually a state of fetal baby being hypoxic. After the pregnant mother feels it, just calm down, lie down, lie on the left side, and feel some fetal movements.Then go to the hospital in time.

3. Pregnant mothers are uncomfortable in breathlessness

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers feel the uncomfortable phenomenon such as chest tightness and shortness of breath. This is the phenomenon of increasing uterus and compression of the lungs.Black, this is anemia. After this happens, it is not good for the baby and the pregnant mother. You need to replenish water often, and eat more folic acid foods. It is a good help for the fetus.Ensure the blood demand of the fetus, but during pregnancy, it is best not to drink coffee, strong tea, etc., which is not good for the fetus.

These three feelings during pregnancy, I hope that pregnant mothers will not appear, but unfortunately appear, but don’t care about it. I have to go to the hospital for examination.Essence

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