When will the frequent urination during pregnancy start to start a pregnant woman’s frequent urination?

Many mothers do n’t sleep well during pregnancy mainly because the frequent urination phenomenon is too frequent, so when will the frequent urination start during pregnancy? When can this phenomenon end? What should I do if the frequent urination phenomenon during pregnancy is serious?

1. Why are pregnant women frequent urine

Frequent urination during pregnancy is the most common phenomenon during pregnancy.This is mainly because the metabolites of the maternal body increased after pregnancy, and at the same time, the baby’s metabolites were also discharged by the mother, which greatly increased the workingload of the kidneys and increased the urine output.Second, due to the early and late pregnancy of pregnancy, the increased uterus or fetal head decreased to compress the bladder, which reduced the capacity of the bladder, caused the number of urination times and always felt incomplete. This is frequent urination.

2. When will the frequent urination start during pregnancy?

There are differences in the human body, and frequent urination will vary in each pregnant woman after pregnancy.Many pregnant women have frequent urination when they first start pregnancy, and even when they discover frequent urination and go to the hospital for examination, they find that they are pregnant.In fact, frequent urination is the stage of most pregnant women during pregnancy.

Frequent urine is usually a sign of determining pregnancy. Generally, many people find that they are pregnant when they find frequent urination and go to the hospital for examination.Pregnant women have different degrees of frequent urination in the early and at the end of pregnancy.The frequent urination in the early stages of pregnancy is mainly caused by changes in body hormonal secretion.In the late stage, frequent urination is mainly due to the gradually falling into the basin, compressing the bladder and causing urination.

There is no particularly good way to control this situation so far.The only feasible thing is to control the amount of drinking water. If you don’t want to get up at night, it is best not to drink water within 1-2 hours before going to bed.Many people who do mothers often say that prenatal urination is not a good thing, because it can exercise in advance to get up at night. You must know that this is the process you must experience after your baby is born!

Usually frequent urination is frequent urination, and the body does not have other symptoms and discomfort.If you have abnormal phenomena such as pain or burning sensation when you urinate, you should immediately go to the hospital for help.Successive urination is abnormal to go to the hospital for examination in time, otherwise delaying the condition may be involved in other organs such as the kidneys.

The frequent urination will be terminated after a few days of childbirth, but there will be a lot of urine in the first few days. This is mainly because the body should be excreted all the excess liquid in the body.Of course, in addition to the beginning and frequent urine during pregnancy, you will still be relatively good for most of the time. You will not worry about this little thing every day.

3. When will the frequent urination disappear in the early stages of pregnancy?

There will be frequent urination in the early stages of pregnancy. By the time of the middle period, it will digest, and then it will appear again when the baby is about to be born.The symptoms of frequent interpremia in the uterus will exist throughout the pregnancy. It is recommended to do health care during pregnancy to prevent colds from night. I wish you health.It is recommended to pay attention to hygiene and change underwear. In this case, it is recommended to treat symptomatic treatment.Can you take it? Dingolin tablets, Ome Pipazole capsules.In addition, eat less meals and regular diet.Need to treat symptomatic treatment.I wish you a good pregnancy.

Women will have symptoms of pregnancy in about six weeks of pregnancy, such as delayed menstruation, continuous rise in body temperature, nausea and vomiting, frequent urination, breasts and skin changes. These early pregnancy symptoms usually continue to be pregnant for 3 months.But not everyone will respond in the early stages of pregnancy.If women suspect that they are pregnant, they can use tools such as pregnancy inspection sticks, pregnancy test strips, etc. to test themselves. It is best to go to the hospital for examination, and the results are more accurate.

It should be clear that the difference in pregnancy reactions of different people is very different. It is very unscientific to determine whether you are pregnant through the symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy.Women’s changes in the above body are likely to be caused by factors such as diseases and environmental changes in the body, and they are not necessarily pregnant.Women must go to the hospital for HCG urine tests or HCG blood tests, B -ultrasound and other examinations, so as to accurately determine whether they are pregnant and make correct treatment.

4. What to do if pregnant women are frequent

1. Always do anal reduction

This can train the tension of the pelvic floor muscles to help control urination.You can also do pelvic relaxation exercises, which helps prevent stress urinary incontinence.That is, the limbs were kneeling and crawling, straightened on the back, shrinking the hip muscles, pushing the pelvis to the abdomen.And bow to the back, relax after a few seconds.But do it.

2. Appropriate amount of water supplementation

Specific mothers should alleviate frequent urination during pregnancy and can start from daily life and drinking water.In other words, it is necessary to replenish water in an appropriate amount, but do not drink too much or drink water; if you go out, if you have urine, you must go to the toilet and try not to urinate as much as possible to avoid causing bladder inflammation or bacterial infections.

3. Seek medical treatment in time

If there is pain during urination, or when the urination is impatient, it is likely to be because the bladder is inflamed or infected with bacteria. At this time, you must seek medical treatment quickly.If the treatment is not timely and incomplete, it can often make the condition worse or cause delay, which will affect the health of the mother and the fetus.

4. Western Medicine therapy

Pregnancy bacteria or urinary tract infections that occur for the first time can use one or several antibiotics, such as sulfa, aminoininin, and amphye, with few side effects.By the time of pregnancy, sulfa drugs cannot be used. Because sulfa drugs and bilirubin in fetal blood are combined with plasma protein, the concentration of bilirubin in the middle reaches of the plasma is increased.Aminoininin is also a drug that is often preferred or elected.

Xiaobian warm reminder: frequent urination during pregnancy is normal, pregnant mothers need to worry.When you have urine, you must go to the toilet to solve it in time. It is best not to urinate.This situation can only stop until the end of pregnancy, and pregnant mothers can only accept this ~

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