When you are going to get married, your girlfriend finds that he has, and does not want it, but the man wants, what should I do?

Wang Jie talked with his girlfriend for two years and was ready to get married. Her girlfriend found that she had it. She considered Wang Jie for a long time that she didn’t want this child.

She said this:

I found that I was pregnant because I had been disgusting during this time, I wanted to vomit, I was uncomfortable, and then I panicked.In recent days, I can’t sleep at all, and I wake up for a while.This is an unmarried first. The people outside do not know how to say her, and she doesn’t want her parents to be looked down on.And she has not just been working for long, hasn’t stabilized yet, and there are many plans that have not been implemented. I am not ready to be a mother so soon. I hope Wang Jie can not be too selfish.No.

What Wang Jie was disappointed, just wanted a child, but Wang Jie was not ready to be a father.She also checked the information or something on the Internet. Wang Jie didn’t do anything. She only knew that she would advise her to give birth to the child. When she was disgusting, Wang Jie had a nap, and she slept more fragrant than anyone else!

From here, we can see that the two of them are not mature at all and are not suitable for children.And when she was living together at the beginning, she said that she did not want the child and would not want it. She had to take contraceptive measures. Wang Jie had never listened. Now she is done.Essence

After knowing that she was pregnant, she has been very depressed and does not know how to face her parents and friends. She has considered it for a long time. I hope Wang Jie can understand her.Now that the child is only six weeks, it is just an embryo. If there is a miscarriage, it can be suffered less to her body and psychology.

She didn’t want to quarrel with Wang Jie because of this, and she didn’t want to get married or even broke up. She didn’t want Wang Jie to tell the parents of the two sides that they had dealt with them in private.

Wang Jie is very entangled, I don’t know what to do!

Wang Jie is willing to take care of his girlfriend in his life and his future wife and their flesh. He doesn’t want to kill this child, but how to persuade him, she doesn’t listen, now she is particularly embarrassed!

God!Which is Wang Jie and his girlfriend wrong?Too tortured!

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