Where did the mother’s internal organs be squeezed after pregnancy?After watching the distressed mother for 10,000 times!

One of the most obvious features during pregnancy is that as the baby grew up day by day, the stomach of the pregnant mother will slowly grow.Some people will be curious, where did the pregnant mother’s internal organs go when the baby grows up?In fact, the pregnant mother is very hard in this process: the process of growing up the fetus will slowly grow the uterus. When the limited space in the abdominal cavity cannot meet the expansion of the uterus, it will squeeze the viscera space.Therefore, as the baby grew up day by day, the internal organs of pregnant mothers were sharply compressed to compress its space. At the same time, pregnant mothers will have some symptoms unique to pregnancy.

During pregnancy, especially during the third trimester, the stomach of the pregnant mother is basically the uterus wrapped in the fetus, and other internal organs are compressed to the surroundings of the abdominal cavity.Especially the compression of the intestines, stomach, bladder and spine is the most obvious.At the same time, pregnant mothers will also have some discomfort in the body because of these changes.

After the fetal development, the stomach of the pregnant mother will be squeezed upwards, making its space smaller and smaller.Many pregnant mothers often occur during pregnancy without appetite or reduction of meals.A large reason is that the stomach capacity of the pregnant mother is compressed. When I eat something, I feel full. I ca n’t eat it, but I will be hungry faster.

The intestine will also be squeezed to both sides and above the abdominal cavity during the development of the fetus.Squeezing will weaken the intestinal peristalsis and digestive function, and will also make pregnant mothers have no appetite throughout pregnancy to a certain extent.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers eat less and exercise less in diet to ensure the nutritional supply required for the growth and development of the baby.

Another phenomenon of pregnant mothers in the third trimester is that there is frequent urination, which is caused by the squeezing of the bladder.After the bladder is squeezed by the fetus, the capacity will become smaller.After metabolism, a little urine will occur, which will cause frequent urination.In this way, it doesn’t matter during the day. Once there is frequent urination at night, you will not sleep well all night.

The growth of the fetus will cause the pregnant mother’s spine to bend and deform.During the third trimester of pregnancy, the baby’s baby has basically developed, and its weight is basically close to the weight of the newborn. In addition, a large amount of amniotic fluid in the uterus will make the pregnant mother’s belly weight very large, and the protruding belly will make the pregnant motherThe center of gravity of the whole body moves forward, so that the spine of the pregnant mother is under tremendous pressure and deformed and curved.

The changes in the above bodies can cause many inconvenience and uncomfortable pregnant mothers.In addition to the decreased appetite and frequent urination mentioned above, there are back pain, difficulty in falling asleep, constipation, inconvenient actions, etc.

In short, the pregnant mothers are very hard throughout pregnancy. For the birth of the new life and the birth of the baby, no matter how big the hard -working pregnant mothers can overcome it, applaud all pregnant mothers!I also hope that the prospective dad and family members give the pregnant mother more understanding and care ~

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