Whether Reba is pregnant or not to look at the recent trip, take care of the lower abdomen with your hands, and the stomach is raised slightly when you are sideways.

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Recently, the news of Dili Reba’s pregnancy spread widened, and then she reported that she would learn Zhang Bichen to fly abroad.

The incident has intensified and has caused widespread discussion.

This is strange. Even if she is in trouble, her studio still has not responded, but the staff returned to the group.

In fact, Reba is not pregnant. Look at her recent Reuters’s itinerary photos and videos. I understand how much. If it is obvious, it will not be able to hide it.

After that, the fans took the recent fitness photos sent by Reba, saying that Reba rumored, how could this vest line come out?

However, it was pointed out by netizens that this photo was taken a few months ago.At the same time, netizens also used Zhao Liying to deny the fitness photos of Reba. In order to deny that she was pregnant, Zhao Liying also took a special photo.

As a result, the children were born.

At this time, some netizens showed photos and videos of Reba appearing at the airport.

These photos and videos were taken in mid -December. From the video, it can be seen that Reba wrapped quite thick. The masks were wearing two layers and plush coats outside.

Pay attention to the belly parts, especially when Dili Reba sideways, the belly is slightly rounded, especially like the state of pregnancy.

Very obvious, and Reba has been avoiding the camera in the face of shooting and turning around.

Of course, it may also be caused by the wide clothes. After all, Reba wears very thick, but the lining of Reba just wears warm clothes, which does not seem to cause this effect.

In another video, Reba has been protecting the lower abdomen with his hands. It may be a subconscious move. It may also be that the coat has no buttons, walking with wind, so you need to press it with your hand.

At present, no matter whether it is questioned at the airport station or flying abroad, no one came out to explain.

Instead, the fans were actively rumored, and the quotations of Reba repeatedly showed their single quotations.

This move is a operation with Yang Zi rumor.

I do n’t know if you have any attention, I do n’t know when Reba suddenly likes to wear loose clothes.

As a well -known figure in the circle, every time Reba appears in front of the camera, it shows all kinds of beauty, so that every time Reba face the public or the lens, you need to cover your chest with your hands.

Today, Reba has no such troubles. Whether it is photographed by fans or being remembered by entertainment, the whole body is wrapped tightly.

So for a long time, some netizens said that there are more loose clothes, it is estimated that it is to cover up the small belly.

However, don’t everyone feel that it is because it is too cold in winter, so it seems strong when wearing too much.

Through Reba’s itinerary, look at her in November and compare it before and after.

According to the information issued by fans, Reba was obviously idle after entering November. There was no movement. There were no platform activities throughout November, only two live broadcasts.

In other words, since the film was filmed in April, Reba’s itinerary is basically a scattered activity platform.

By December, although there were a lot of projects listed by fans, it was only one or twice of the real appearance, and several of them were canceled several of them.

By January 2023, the event listed by the fans will shoot the cover and inner page of the magazine.

However, this is the time of the magazine, not the shooting time.So the shooting may have been completed a few months ago.

Entertainment had previously exposed the information of Dili Reba ’s shooting magazine. Unfortunately, she was shooting the back and could not see the front, but Reba was still revealed.

At present, it is still not easy to judge, but it is easy to determine whether Di Lierba is pregnant.

Doesn’t fans say she wants to go abroad?At that time, I will look at Reba after the event.After all, fertility is not a solution that can be solved in one or two days, especially in foreign countries.

If you want to learn Zhang Bichen, then the news on the Internet is accurate.

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