Whether the expectant mother is cold or hot, be careful not to be cold!

Many mothers will find that their tolerance for high temperatures will indeed decrease after pregnancy, but their body feels cold.What’s happening here?Are pregnant women afraid of heat?Now let Xiaobian show it to you.

The body temperature of pregnant women is slightly higher than normal, and the fear of heat is normal

A woman’s body temperature changed quietly after pregnancy.The body temperature rises between 36.9 and 37.2 ° C. This is normal, which also makes many pregnant women very afraid of heat.

This is because: in the early pregnancy, the ovaries formed luteal, luteal secreting progesterone caused an increase in body temperature, and the role of the center of body temperature regulation is very sensitive to progesterone (also known as luteum hormone).L) It will cause the body temperature to rise.

Will the body temperature decrease after the early stages of pregnancy?No!

At this time, the mother shoulders the heavy responsibility of breeding life.The fetus in the uterus needs a constant temperature environment, and the expectant mother’s body will turn on the "automatic constant temperature mode" through the nervous system in the skin to feel the temperature of the outside world.It maintains 0.5-1 degree Celsius higher than usual.

High body temperature does not mean that it is not afraid of cold, which has an impact on the constitutional and diet.

Due to the rise in body temperature during pregnancy, expectant mothers are generally more afraid of heat, which is true.Such a high body temperature means that you are not afraid of cold?That’s nonsense, which is related to the physique and nutritional diet of pregnant women.

There are such examples around Xiaobian: The expectant mothers who are 4 months pregnant are more afraid of cold than before.

The fear of cold is related to lack of calcium and iron.People are afraid of cold and have a lot to do with physical intake of certain minerals.For example, the content of calcium in the human body can directly affect the flexibility and excitement of blood vessels and muscles; blood deficiency in blood is an important cause of iron deficiency anemia.Therefore, supplementing foods rich in calcium and iron can improve the body’s ability to resist cold.

Fearing cold during pregnancy is related to the physical condition of expectant mothers.For example, pregnant women with anemia symptoms will be more afraid of cold after pregnancy, because the fetus consumes more calories, and the expectant mother’s own supply is tight, which shows that they are afraid of cold, so they should pay more attention to diet conditioning and warmth.

During pregnancy, whether it is cold or hot, be careful not to be cold.

In fact, whether you are afraid of heat or cold, you must pay attention: Don’t be cold.

After pregnancy, you have another new life in your body, which consumes more thermal energy than before.In addition, its own resistance is weakened, the body is also prone to fatigue, and immunity is greatly reduced.

Therefore, during pregnancy, expectant mothers must pay attention to, afraid of heat, not greedy, fear of cold to keep warm, protect herself, and take care of the baby.

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