Whether to stop in the early pregnancy, the pregnant mother pays attention to the changes in the body, and the fetal treasure has hinted that you

Some people say that women who have never given birth to a child cannot be regarded as a complete woman.Although this seems to be biased now, after all, there are many Dink families.But in fact, I think it is mainly the process of "breeding" of women. It is hard to encounter too much bitterness on the way to become a mother.Each mother was overwhelmed by thorns, and walked all the way to the moment when she saw the baby.

I was pregnant with Dabao very hard. At that time, I had been married for more than three years and had no baby.Mom urged her mother -in -law.Although my husband does not say anything, he can also see that he also wants to have his own baby. He is helpless. I have a lot of pressure. I have Dabao for more than a year for pregnancy.On the waist on both sides of the progesterone, there is a needle eye on both sides, and then the moon is born smoothly.Although it is not easy in this process, fortunately, the baby is born with health.

But some women may be more difficult. Wen Hui has not had children for 8 years. Her husband’s house is a single pass. Only her husband has a boy. My mother -in -law wants to hug her grandson.The occupation of the pits can not be eggs "," salt -alkali land exhausted to cultivate cattle and Han ", and passed to Wen Hui’s ears. She could only sneak tears, and her husband was not cold or hot.Later, Wen Hui finally became pregnant with her baby. Her husband and mother -in -law attitude changed 180 °. Every day, "Huier Changhui Er was short", and what the mother -in -law wanted to eat immediately.

However, Wen Hui was about 9 months of pregnancy, feeling stomachache, and he was cold.After telling her mother -in -law, they hurried to the hospital.After the doctor’s examination, Wen Hui told Wen Hui that he had stopped childbirth.Wen Hui fainted, and her mother -in -law was the same as tears.But there is no way, the baby has gone.

Wen Hui regulated for half a year, and had a pre -pregnancy examination with her husband. The two people had no abnormalities. In less than three months, good news came: Wen Hui was pregnant.This time, my mother -in -law took care of it carefully, for fear that there would be any loss, and finally survived for a long ten months. Wen Hui’s baby was safe. A big fat boy who was more than seven pounds blossomed the whole family.

But Wen Hui also has doubts. Why do you get a baby?What causes it?The doctor told her that the fetal stopping was that the fetus stopped developing, and there were many reasons, but it could be summarized as the following:

体 体, early pregnancy is low and not discovered in time;

不, the quality of the embryo is not good, leading to abnormal development;

差, poor environment in the uterus, infection in the palace, etc.;

, The mother is stimulated or overworked;

的, other reasons that have not been found.

The doctor said that most of the fetal stopping occurred in the early stages of pregnancy. In the early stage of pregnancy, you must pay attention to the changes in your body. If you have abnormalities, you must go to the hospital for examination, but if the quality of the embryo is not good, there is no way to save it.

In addition, in the early days of pregnancy, when there is a fetal stopping, the fetus will also send a series of strange "signals" with the pregnant mother. The pregnant mother must grasp it in time. After discovering, it is hopeful:

1. Wipe the lower body with red blood

In the early days of pregnancy, if you wipe the red bloodshot in the toilet, it may be a precursor to fetal stopping. However, when fertilized eggs, some pregnant mothers will also have bloodshot. In this case, the amount of bleeding is not large.In any case, if there is a phenomenon of bleeding, consult the doctor in time and make a diagnosis.Even if there is bleeding in the middle of pregnancy, there is also a carelessness.

2. The pregnancy reaction suddenly disappears

For some pregnant mothers, early pregnancy reactions are a kind of torture, but this is actually a normal physiological response, indicating that the fetus is healthy.For example, pregnancy vomiting, chest bloating, and high body temperature, etc., generally relieved by 12 weeks.But if the pregnancy response suddenly disappeared one day in the early stages of pregnancy, the pregnant mother still felt cold. This may be the "signal" sent by the fetus, which needs to be paid attention to.

3. Obvious abdominal pain

In the early days of my pregnancy, low progesterone was also found because of abdominal pain. I was unbearable at night. I hurried to the hospital to hang the emergency department. Finally, I checked that progesterone was low, and the progesterone was beaten.Of course, some may also be caused by the increase in the uterus, but the kind of unbearable pain or pain is usually not painful or painful.

PS: I feel abdominal pain in the early stages of pregnancy, or with other discomfort, it is better to go to the hospital for examination in time.

There are several reactions that do not mean that a certainty is stopped, but pregnant mothers also have to worry about it. Do not cause irreversible consequences because of their negligence, great intentions, and fluke.

Parenting Parenting Message:

Breeding is not an easy task. I hope that expectant mummy will do a pre -pregnancy examination before pregnancy to eliminate hidden dangers.After pregnancy, pay attention to observing the changes in your body. He has an abnormality to go to the hospital for examination, and the health of the fetus is first.I hope that every mother can give birth to a healthy baby!

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