Whether you can use creams to use cream before sale after -sales customer service different saying

Source: 【Qingdao Xinwang】

(Source: Interviewee)

(Source: Interviewee)

Xinwang, May 30 (Reporter Li Xinbang) During pregnancy, in all aspects, it is no exception to the use of cosmetics.Citizen Ms. Li encountered a troublesome thing. When she purchased "Kyan’s High Hubs Cream", she asked the merchant customer service whether the product was available during pregnancy, and the advice provided by the merchant was available.However, after Ms. Li purchased and used, it was found that there was salicylic acid in this product, and the customer service statement became unswerving.Facing the inconsistent customer service before and after the purchase, Ms. Li believes that the brand has false publicity.At present, Ms. Li also feeds the problem to the complaint platform for complaints.

"I was paying attention to everything during pregnancy. I did not expect to let this cosmetics give ‘drilling the empty". "Ms. Li said that she bought a" Kyan High Human Cream "in Taobao’s flagship store.All products are very careful."I deliberately asked the customer service before buying. Can this product use this product during pregnancy? The customer service also said that the main plant ingredients of the product are naturally gentle, safe and effective. This cream is recommended during pregnancy/breastfeeding."

After learning the affirmative answer of customer service, Ms. Li bought it."I used it without thinking about it. I thought it was a big brand after all, and I was not worried." Ms. Li said that after I started using it for a while, I did not feel any discomfort until one day my friendWhen I came to my own home, I found that there were problems."My friend came to see me at home and found that I used Kyan’s cream, so I helped me see the ingredients inside. This found that it contains salicylic acid."

According to Ms. Li, it is generally not recommended to use cosmetics containing salicylic acid during pregnancy."I have also checked it online. Salithic acid is the main synthetic component of aspirin. Oral administration has the risk of child deformity. Even if it is not taken orally, pregnant women need to consider carefully."

"Fortunately, there is no problem. If it appears, it is really too late. I now doubt whether the customer service does not even see the question and answer me?" Then, Ms. Li would put the cream in the salicylic acid in the cream, Ask Kyan’s customer service, but the customer service also responded that the cream contains a small amount of salicylic acid. It is not recommended for pregnancy/pregnancy/breastfeeding.Consult the doctor’s opinion, and do a good allergies before use.

Regarding the different situations of Kyan’s statement, Ms. Li believes that the brand has false propaganda and perfunctory service. "Kyan’s answer will change in a while, and now it is not clear whether this is a robot.But as such a big brand, Keyan can still have this error. I hope that Kyan’s can give a convincing saying. "

Xunwang learned that salicylic acid is an organic acid of fat -soluble, which can clear pores and soften keratin, but it is a kind of irritating product and can easily cause allergies. Most doctors suggest that pregnant women should not use it.In addition, if severe skin problems occur during pregnancy, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital to find a dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment.

In this regard, Xinwang contacted Kyan’s customer service. The staff said that the feedback issues had been recorded, and relevant personnel would be recovered later, but as of the press release, Xinwang did not receive any response.

Subsequently, Ms. Li said that she had complained about the issue to "black cat complaints", "electric complaint treasure" and 12345 platforms. On the complaint platform, Kyan said, "The official attaches great importance to the issues raised by consumers.The setting problem has been feedback to the relevant staff to check. In addition, high -moisture cream contains trace amount of salicylic acid components. It is recommended that special constitutions, pregnancy or lactation mothers follow the doctor’s advice before using the product, and conduct allergic testing before using any product to use any product.(Such as: wrist, ears, etc.). "

Lawyer Guo Tiejun of Shandong Zhongqing Law Firm also suggested that consumers who have encountered this situation, consumers should retain relevant evidence and negotiate with merchants first.If the negotiation fails, you can collect relevant evidence and complain to the consumer association to defend rights.

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