Whether you can use skin care products during pregnancy, skin problems need to be done.

In the pregnancy period that is easy to be sensitive to the skin, daily skin care also needs to pay attention to it. Pregnant women should pay attention to skin diseases. Once uncomfortable, do not tolerate or use the medicine at will to avoid aggravating the disease.

● Dry

Dry skin is not a unique phenomenon during pregnancy. Although the proportion of expectant mothers who exist in this problem are not large, many people will be troubled by this problem in many inland areas or cold and dry winter.There are examples of dry skin to crack, and any skin care products can not work.Although the cause of dry skin during pregnancy is unclear.However, changes in hormone secretion during pregnancy are likely to be one of the culprits.How to prevent and cope with different skin problems during pregnancy?

Moisturize with moisturizes all over the body.People with dry skin should pay special attention, and you can choose skin care products that can be used all over to moisturize.If the drying phenomenon is serious, even if you go to the dermatology or obstetrics and gynecology, there may not be special effects.Applying the skin with moisturizing cream or moisturizing cream is the most suitable method to prevent and treat skin dryness.Moisturizing cream does not have to be high, as long as it is non -stimulus, it can be used for the whole body.It is recommended to use Ante Youyou’s skin care mountain tea oil. It is designed and developed for pregnant mothers. After purifying and refining mountain tea oil, it is made into skin care products to produce the mountain tea oil care products of the Anteyou brand.Damage skin provides a variety of natural nutrients such as oleic acid and vitamin E, which is conducive to skin health.Mountain tea oil (also known as wild mountain tea oil, tea seed oil, camellia seed oil) is taken from the seeds of the categaining tree.The production process of mountain tea oil can be divided into: shell, dried, crushed, squeezing oil, filtering, the whole process is a physical method, so it is a real pure natural green edible oil.Its color is golden or light yellow, clarified and transparent, pure quality, clear smell, and pure taste.Using Anteyou’s skin care mountain tea oil can effectively prevent stretch marks before pregnancy.

● Puppet, eczema

Poor and eczema are disrupted by the balance of hormone secretion.Because the estrogen and progesterone will increase after pregnancy, and because the pregnancy reaction causes the normal dietary law to be disrupted, the weight gain and the change of hormones may cause constipation.Essence

To take care of the skin thoroughly, you must go to the doctor in time if there is deterioration.When skin problems such as pimples and eczema appear, the skin should be completely cleaned.Remove makeup completely at night and wash your face carefully in the morning.The facial cleanser should be refreshing, non -oil, it is best to have no stimulating foam facial cleanser or acne skin care supplies.When the symptoms are severe, be sure to see the doctor as soon as possible.

● Pigmentation

Poinity and freckles appear because there are melanocytes that can produce melanin under the skin.Influenced by estrogen and progesterone due to estrogen and progesterone, melanocytes increase large in number.Therefore, as the pregnancy time increases, the pregnancy -oriented liver spots mainly appear under the eyes.Moreover, the melanin concentration will form obvious pigmentation, the white line in the center of the belly will become tea, and it is not uncommon for black to appear black around the nipples and areolas.Barrier cells are not activated by only hormones, and external stimuli such as ultraviolet rays can also greatly increase the number of meantic cells.

The pigment that occurs during pregnancy varies from person to person, and will gradually become lighter after childbirth.But most of them will not completely disappear, and it will be lighter after a long time.Block ultraviolet rays and take vitamin C.The pigmentation of nipples, areola and underarms is difficult to prevent.However, the pigmentation, freckles, and pregnancy -induced liver spots caused by ultraviolet rays, if you pay attention to sunscreen, you can prevent the color of the spots from darker to a certain extent.When going out, you should wear a hat or umbrella to prevent the sun from directly illuminating, apply sunscreen or use sunscreen with cosmetics to block ultraviolet rays.The effect of sunscreen cosmetics blocks ultraviolet rays, that is, the higher the SPF value, the better.But the higher the SPF value, the stronger the irritation, which is easy to cause the skin to dry.Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers choose sunscreen skin and skin care products with a lower SPF value and less irritating. As long as it is repeated, it will have a good sunscreen effect.In addition, in order to reduce the activity of melanocytes, it is also important to take a sufficient amount of vitamin C.

● Precision skin itching symptoms

Itching and skin injury are prone to symptoms such as itching and skin injury in the late pregnancy.Including the whole body, including the face and hands and feet, there are many people who have eczema on the stomach, chest, and hips.Generally speaking, only itching symptoms are pregnancy -induced skin itching. If it is accompanied by severe itching and eczema appears on the hands and feet, it is likely to be pregnancy.The cause is that the increased estrogen during pregnancy causes the bile secreted by the liver to be blocked and cannot flow smoothly, causing severe itching of the skin.At this time, control yourself, don’t scratch it, otherwise, not only does it have no good for symptoms, once it is caught, it will further deteriorate the skin condition.

Apply ointment to inhibit inflammation.Eczema, skin injury, and pimples during pregnancy cause redness or injuries due to inflammation, and scars may be left even after the symptoms disappear.Pay attention not to contact with your hands and apply medicine as soon as possible to inhibit inflammation.When using ointment, be sure to be diagnosed by a doctor.

Tight jackets and hot water baths will stimulate the skin.Excessive underwear can cause the skin to be strongly stimulated and easy to sweat, and it is easy to induce eczema and itching of the skin.Wear loose, breathable and water -absorbing underwear.You should change clothes as soon as possible after sweating.Because the detergent may also cause itching and damage to the skin. The clothes that are directly in contact with the skin should be rinsed well to completely remove the laundry powder or detergent remaining in the clothes.In addition, the hot water bath will aggravate itching, and usually lower the water temperature as much as possible, as long as it is slightly higher than the body temperature.

● Stretch marks

Planes, breasts, hips, and thighs are prone to stretch marks.More than 40%of expectant mothers will have this skin problem. Some people appear when they are six or seven months pregnant, and some people are close to the due date.It is characterized by red -purple lines on the skin.It will gradually become black, and it will become white without conspicuous after childbirth, but once it appears, it cannot completely disappear.When the symptoms are severe, congestion occurs and is accompanied by itching.The emergence of stretch marks varies from person to person. People with lack of elasticity in subcutaneous tissue are more likely to appear. Therefore, expectant mothers who are relatively slimmer should be prevented in advance, and they should also pay attention to controlling weight and do not increase weight too much.Prevention before pregnancy, using Anteyou’s pregnant women’s skin care mountain tea oil, you can play and dilute and dilute stretch marks.

Control weight and apply ointment prevention.Once the stretch marks appear, it will not completely disappear, so prevention is very important.First of all, you should pay attention to keeping subcutaneous fat not increase and try to control weight.Starting up from the belly, it is necessary to apply skin moisturizing or pregnancy cream often, add some soft massage to increase the elasticity of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, which is very effective for preventing stretch marks.Not only the stomach, breasts, and thighs cannot be ignored.

● Allergies

Affected by hormones after pregnancy, short -term allergic dermatitis often occurs.Do not take medicine without the diagnosis of doctors to prevent adverse effects on the fetus on the fetus.

Communicate with a doctor, apply medicine care.In the early stages of pregnancy is the formation of the fetus, and oral medication should be avoided after allergic symptoms.However, when the symptoms are severe, you can also use it under the guidance of a doctor after the middle of pregnancy.Topical drugs basically have no effect on babies. Steroids are used only after the symptoms deteriorate, and be careful not to use it for a long time.Skin care products such as soap that are not irritating to the skin every day are applicable to any skin problems.When taking a bath, be careful not to irritate or hurt the skin, and clean the skin with soap with your hands.Avoid using a brush or nylon towel, try to clean your body with your hands or sponges.

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