Which drugs can be used for pregnancy and which are not available

Pregnant women touch their stomachs

During pregnancy, a large number of increased estrogen and progesterone in the mother’s body affect the physiological function of the digestive tract, which can cause nausea, vomiting, and constipation caused by weakening bowel movement.Ulcers, functional indigestion, gastroesophageal reflux, and hepatobiliary diseases are worse.The above situation should be treated with appropriate drugs for treatment.In common drugs, the following gastric disease drugs are safe and can be taken with confidence.The optional gastric drugs are: 1. Magic oxide, magnesium siliconate, Daxi, or use compound preparations, stomach, flat stomach, and stomach immortal U.Inhibiting gastric acid is an important means of gastric disease treatment. Some acidic agents can be used during pregnancy, and no acidic suppression agents such as Reniidine and Omeprazole are used.Magnesium oxide is both acid -resistant and light diarrhea, which can also treat constipation.Although the effect of magnesium siliconic acid is weak and slow, the maintenance time can reach 4 to 5 hours, and it can produce the ulcer surface of the collagen material and have mucous membrane protection.Da Xi can quickly neutralize gastric acid, but also reversibly loses the activity of gastric protease and gall acid, and can enhance the protection of mucosa. It is one of the most widely used gastric drugs. It is suitable for digestive ulcers and gastric mucosa.Eromes and gastroesophageal reflux and other related diseases and bile reflux.The outer layer of the stomach fairy is acidic. After taking it, the acid anti -acid effect is played. The inner layer contains anti -ulcer components and then plays a role.Da Xi’s instructions said that before pregnancy, caution should be used. Two of the gastric membranes can form membranes in the gastric, cover the ulcer surface, anti -gastric protease, and a slight acid resistance.Third, Smecta (Double Eight Mascular Monterium) This product is both intestinal medicine, can prevent diarrhea, but also stomach medicine, and can be used for various stomach problems.This product does not absorb blood circulation after taking it. Therefore, the main function is to cover the digestive tract mucosa, strengthen the mucosal barrier and repair function, but also inhibit the virus, germs and its generated toxins.Fourth, millet (schistate) This product can regulate plant nerve function, improve emotions, reduce tension and anxiety, and improve sleep, which is mainly used for gastrointestinal neuropathy.According to Japanese scholars’ research, this product has anti -ulcer effects, so it can be used for digestive ulcer therapy, and it also has a significant improvement of symptoms on chronic gastritis.Fifth, the treatment of indigestion, can be used to enhance digestion with Kangbuyin, gastric protease and polyzyme tablets.6. Turbus can take vitamin B6, but it cannot be used for a long time, so as not to cause fetal vitamin B6 dependence.Those with severe vomiting can be applied as appropriate.Chloroprazine and isramzine are the same as pheasine, which has no impact on the fetus, but some experts believe that pregnant women should use isazine with caution.The reason for the disable and use of cautious drugs is mainly to be unsafe to the fetus, there may be potential teratogenic effects, or the safety of the fetus is unclear.These drugs are listed as follows: ★ Two types of acidic suppression agents, including H2 receptor blockers such as Simitidine, Renitidine, Famodidine, as well as Omeprazole, Lanzozole, and PotoceleProton pump blocking agents such as Lazazole, Rebitzole, and Escezole.★ Gastrointestinal activation drugs such as metharocopride (stomach recovery), dopopide (morpholine), Xishabeli, Mashabeli, Etoly, Ge Silin, Qumebatin, Pavi,Bromide, Georiolo, marijuana, etc.★ Collagen, secondary carbonate, sulfurum and aluminum, zinc ammonia ammonia (Yi Anxin), and Lizhu stomach triple couplet.Although Daxi also contains aluminum, the preparations are not absorbed into blood, so they can be applied during pregnancy and lactation.★ Prostaglandin preparations, such as macolymidol, eloxyl alcohol, and primary.★ Although McLin — S, although the effect is better and the safety is high, the impact on the fetus has not yet been determined, so it is also listed with caution.What are the western medicines that pregnant women cannot use?◇ Ryromycin: Congenital deafness and skeletal development.◇ Tethellian: Decoction of enamel incomplete, bone, heart malformations, congenital cataracts, short limbs or defects (such as absence of four fingers), newborn hemolytic jaundice, the most severe encephalonic jaundice and even death.◇ Earthycin and powerfulin: Make the fetal short limb deformity.◇ chloramphenicol: causes newborn blood circulation disorder, respiratory dysfunction, 绀, abdominal distension (that is, "ash baby syndrome").For a large amount of use at the end of pregnancy, it can cause newborn platelet reduction, regenerative disorder anemia, or fetal death.◇ Crathin: deafness.◇ erythromycin: Congenital cataracts, limbs malformations, etc.◇ Celebrate galcin: Causes ear damage to the fetus, and even cause congenital gastrointestinal deformity and polycystic kidney.◇ Sulfa drugs (mainly long -acting sulfa and antibacterial efficiency agents): cause hyperbilotin ledmia, encephalopathy jaundice, and deformity.◇ Harolin: Make fetal breathing and death.◇ Du Leng Ding: Newborn suffocation.◇ Morphine and Annon pain: suppressing the breathing of the newborn, making the newborn appear to be inhibited. If you take it one week before childbirth, the newborn can spasm, excitement and sharp cry.◇ Aspirin: The fetus is small and deformed, causing newborn coagulinase to reduce the disorders of bleeding and liver detoxification.◇ Feinecine and heating polyga: cause newborn high -speed rail hemoglobin.◇ Dynamics: Causes jaundice and recycled disorders anemia.◇ Barbich: Congenital malformations of the fetal heart, slow noodles and hand development, rabbit lips, cleft palate.◇ Epilepsy: The fetal finger toes are deformity, and the fetus can cause suffocation, bleeding and brain damage to the fetus in the later pregnancy.◇ Mestry ketone: Frax.◇ Stability, tranquility, sleeping, and inspiration can: cause fetal malformations and female maleization.◇ Norolon phenylnate: cause cleft palate.◇ Insulin: cause abortion, premature birth, death, and other congenital malformations.◇ Magnoma of women.◇ Catal and strong loose: Fetal lip cracks and cleft palate.But the pine can also cause the fetus to have no brain, premature birth, and death early.◇ Pogoone and testosterone: cause malformations of fetal genitals.◇ Vitamin D: Take a large amount, which can cause fetal hypercalcemia and intelligent development.◇ Vitamin K: Taking a lot can cause hyperbilotin ledin and nuclear jaundice.◇ Vitamin B6: Taking a lot can cause newborns to produce vitamin B6 dependence and convulsions.Vitamin B6’s derivatives are new, causing lips in animal experiments, and should also be used with caution.◇ A variety of vitamins: If you take within three months of pregnancy,The risk of infants and common nervous system defects is as high as 60%.◇ Patezine: Fetal deformity to the fetus.◇ Antiopiantic drugs, chlorodrite, and ethylamine: can cause cerebral hydrocephalus, meningiomas, cleft palate, renal stop development or deformity, and retinal damage.◇ Anti -allergic drugs such as poker sensitivity, allergenic, An Qimin, benzene, and multiplied: In addition to potential causal, lip cracks, and absence of limbs, liver poisoning and brain damage, inhibitory suppression, inhibitory can be suppressedNewborn breathing.◇ Fluorurioline, cyclopensicide: Makes fetal limbs, palate, outer nose, urinary tract deformity, and death.◇ Aminotrexate: Causes the fetus without brain, cerebral water, meninges, lip, cleft lip, cleft palate or limb deformity.◇ Hydroxylhrine and Bai Lian’an: Multiple deformed fetal malformations.◇ White Blood Ning: Causes the central nervous system injury and brainless.◇ 6-cymbal purine, propyate testosterone, L-mobilizensase: cause fetal malformation.◇ Nitrogen -orbinate: can cause kidney and ureter defects.◇ 哌 哌-, 5-fluorosulinoline, fillellin C, and pastoral pylopia; the fetus death.It is safer to use these anti -tumor drugs after the 16th weeks of pregnancy.◇ Double -fragrant beanin drugs: can cause fetal skin hemorrhage, brain disorders, premature placenta peeling, bone and facial deformity, low intelligence or fetal death.◇ China Act: Delosal nasal bone development abnormalities and deformities.◇ toluene sulfonin (methyl candy, mole sulfidin, D860): cause abortion and premature birth, and has a urging effect.◇ Pylium oxide, methyl oxyraine, other Pasazo, hyperthyroidism, and potassium iodide: cause hypothyroidism, small disease, ossification delay, and lower urethra.◇ Double hydrogen hydrogen urine or cytoprotrazine: can cause newborn platelet reduction.◇ Lixue Ping: Causes newborn poisoning, nasal congestion, respiratory tract obstruction, and even death due to hypoxia.◇ Caffeine: Creative lip and palate.◇ ether: Large continuous use can cause fetal death.◇ All arsenic -containing drugs: the fetus dies.◇ Multicarin E, B, and Vancin: For too long, make pregnant women suffer from acute renal failure, so that children are susceptible to nerves in 3 years after birth — muscle blockage, exercise disorders, dizziness, convulsions, convulsions, and convulsionsIt feels abnormal in the mouth.Vancin can also cause babies to temporarily or permanent deafness.◇ Liping: Fetal malformations.◇ Antibacterial drugs B, aslalin, glycomycin, germidin, climoramazole: serious adverse reactions to the nervous system, hematopoietic system, and liver and kidney function of pregnant women.Grayrinin also leads to abortion and abnormal tires.◇ Ahhebenzide (Trone): Hepat liver damage and blood image on pregnant women.◇ chloropatramone: adverse effects on the fetus.◇ Fast urine: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, diarrhea, medicine, itching, blurred vision, lyphs, and even water and electrolyte disorders to pregnant women and mothers.◇ Uute acid: It can cause temporary hearing loss and sometimes develop into permanent deafness.◇ Other: Newborns of alcohol poisoning pregnant women can be inhibited in abstinence; alcohol can cause fetal malformations.Those who use contraceptives should be pregnant after half a year to stop the drug in order to avoid the birth of deformities or dementia caused by improper medication.The above drugs must be disabled or cautious in the pregnancy period. Those who are not available should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.It is necessary to achieve a single medication, small dose, and short time.Here are several types of medicines commonly used for reference.Analgesic: Pingtaipper.Antibiotics: penicillin and its derivatives.Blood reduction drugs: methylbaba, pyrodida’s throat.Blood glucose: insulin.Anti -vitamin: vitamin B6, tea benzene.Anti -tuberculosis drug: ethylene butanol.

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