Which infectious diseases can affect pregnancy?Three diseases should be vigilant

No matter which era is paying attention to eugenics, provided that women should be in a healthy state.However, the major environment of people’s living changes, environmental pollution is getting worse, and women are suffering from greater work and living pressure, making the resistance worse and worse, the risk of infection of the virus increases, which will affect pregnancy, which will affect pregnancy.Essence

Which infectious diseases can affect pregnancy?

1. Toxoplasma infection

Women’s infection of Toxoplasma is mainly related to contacting animals. Most mammals and birds are parasitic.Pets in close contact with kittens and puppies, the meat they eat is not completely cooked, the edible fruits and fruits contaminated by the eggs, and the items contaminated by the toxoplasma eggs will cause bowworm infection.The infection of Toxoplasma infected in the first three months of pregnancy can easily cause the fetus in the palace; the infection of Toxoplasma infection in the middle and late pregnancy can invade the fetal’s central nervous system, which can easily lead to the fetal death of the fetus, causing fetal nervous system defects, small head deformities, and hydrocephalus., Low intelligence, etc., even congenital blindness and platelet reduction will occur.

If the female IgM antibody is positive, the IgG antibody is negative, indicating that it has recently been infected, and it cannot be pregnant for the time being.Reviews regularly during pregnancy.

2. Big cell virus infection

After pregnant women were infected with giant cell virus, serum antibodies were positive.Giant cell virus infection can easily lead to premature birth, abortion, and fetal death. In severe cases, fetal malformations can be caused, such as small head deformity, loss of hearing, cleft lip and platelets, platelet reduction, and organ defects.If the IGM antibody is positive, the IGG antibody is negative, indicating that it is only short long after being infected, and you must prepare for pregnancy. The IGG antibody is positive and the IGM antibody is negative. In this case, you can get pregnant.After women are completely cured, they can only get pregnant for half a year before they are discontinued.

3. Floral virus infection

The rubella virus is mainly transmitted through the respiratory tract. There are 2 to 3 weeks of incubation periods, and serum medium rubella virus antibodies are positive.After being infected with rubella virus, it is easy to cause miscarriage or death, resulting in congenital cataracts and heart disease, loss of hearing, and glaucoma.If IgM antibodies are positive and IgG antibody is positive or negative, in this case, it cannot be pregnant.

Kind tips

You should go to the hospital for relevant examinations before preparing for pregnancy. If the antibody is negative, the rubella vaccine should be received early and other vaccines that prevent virus prevention.After pregnancy, you should strictly follow the doctor’s inspection. You should usually pay attention to personal hygiene. The food you eat should be cooked and cooked. The fruits and vegetables are peeled or rinsed out before eating. Pets cannot be raised at home.

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