Which stage of pregnancy is more dangerous?This month during pregnancy, pay attention to these things

If you just ask a person who is the most dangerous at stage, you don’t need to guess, his answer must be the first three months of pregnancy.Why do you say that?Because this seems to have become the fixed thinking of the public.Because the fetus before the first three months of pregnancy has not yet been formed, it is relatively fragile, and those who do not want children will choose to perform surgery in the first three months of pregnancy.

But the whole pregnancy is not only the way to do March in March, nor is it like others said. Every three months of pregnancy, everything is good.In fact, at seven months of pregnancy, because the fetus grows faster, the pregnant mother at this time is less difficult than the early pregnancy reaction at the pregnancy.So how should we go through July pregnancy?Pregnant mothers in these places need to pay special attention:

1. Preventing pregnancy hypertension

July pregnancy is the peak period of pregnancy hypertension. Because the fetus grows grows, it will then compress the heart of the pregnant woman, etc. The organ function of pregnant women will be affected, which will produce some changes that are not conducive to Baoma.For example, some symptoms such as the sudden rise in blood pressure of pregnant mothers, accelerated heartbeat, etc. are all symptoms of pregnancy mothers may have symptoms of pregnancy and hypertension. In addition, pregnant mothers with pregnancy hypertension often feel dizzy. The whole person is the whole person.Puffed, pregnant women with severe pregnancy hypertension cannot even go smoothly in the end.

Therefore, for pregnant mothers, in July of pregnancy, you still need to pay more attention to your habits and diet.The risk of suffering from pregnancy hypertension in July of pregnancy was relatively high. If the pregnant mother did not pay attention to eating some high -calorie foods at this time, it may increase the risk of suffering from pregnancy hypertension.

2. Prevent premature birth

The organs of the fetus have basically begun to develop at the time of July pregnancy, but compared to the fetal fetuses, the functions of all aspects are still much worse.However, many babies have prematurely reported prematurely when they were in July of pregnancy, which caused a variety of reasons for premature birth, so there are still many places that pregnant mothers need to pay attention to.For example, if a pregnant woman falls or is frightened, it may cause premature birth.The symptoms of premature birth are similar to the symptoms of full -month production, manifested as abdominal pain, falling in the belly, redness, amniotic fluid rupture, etc. If you find that you have not appeared in full month, the pregnant mothers have not appeared, pregnant mothers, the pregnant mothersWe must pay attention to it, and you should go to the hospital immediately to keep the adults and children safe.

3. Digital movement

The fetus had developed very well in July of pregnancy, so sometimes he turned around or kick in his mother’s belly.In fact, from April pregnancy, the baby will have fetal movement. Slowly, with the growth of time, fetal movement will become regular.Fetal movement is actually a way for the baby to convey information to his mother. He cannot communicate with his mother through language, but why isn’t the fetal movement unique to his mother and his mother?

When the baby starts with regular fetal movement, the mother wants to develop the habit of recording fetal movements, so that if the baby’s fetal movement is particularly severe or the number of fetal movements suddenly decreases, the mother can detect it in time.It is possible that the abnormal fetal movement is likely to be a manifestation of the baby’s help.

4. Supplement enough nutrition

July pregnancy is the stage of the baby’s brain and body rapidly, so at this time the baby needs more nutrition.However, after the stomach of the pregnant mother is oppressed by the fetus, there are very few things that can be eaten, but the baby’s nutrition must not be less. Therefore, pregnant mothers can use less meals to solve this problem.

In addition, there will be some pregnant mothers who have constipation in the late pregnancy. At this time, pregnant mothers must not eat spicy things, eat more fruits, vegetables and coarse grains, and promote intestinal peristalsis to help.

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