White with bloodshot?Be wary of these 5 types of diseases

White with bloodshot?Be careful of these five major inflammation, let’s learn about gynecology together!

The leucorrhea is a female vaginal secretion, which is mixed with vaginal mucosa exudation, cervical pipes and endometrial gland secretion fluids. The formation of leucorrhea is related to estrogen.Under normal circumstances, the quality and quantity of leucorrhea change with the menstrual cycle.After menstruation is clean, the leucorrhea is small, white, and paste.When ovulation is about to ovulate in the mid -term, the cervical glands are secreted, leucorrhea increases, transparent, slightly sticky, and egg whites.After 2-3 days of ovulation, the leucorrhea becomes turbid, sticky and small.Before and after menstruation, due to the congestion of the pelvic cavity, the vaginal mucosa exudate increased, and the leucorrhea often increased.

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If you are not at menstruation, you find that the white belt has blood wire, then you must be careful to see if there are the following gynecological problems.

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1. vaginitis

If there is vaginitis, the vaginal mucosa caused by inflammation is congested, and bloodshot will occur with slight damage.The main symptoms of acute vaginitis include leucorrhea odor, water -like or purulent, and increased significantly. After severe infection, drip -shaped vaginal bleeding will occur.

Some pregnant mothers after pregnancy have increased due to estrogen levels, and fake silk yeast reproduces a large amount. VVC (mold vaginitis) will also increase during pregnancy. In addition to common mold vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis, dripping during pregnancyInsectal vaginitis, other vaginitis is also prone to occur during pregnancy, so it should be treated in time to find vaginitis during pregnancy


2. Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer patients will have contact bleeding in the early stage, and there will be irregular bleeding in the later stage. The vagina will have excretion, which is white or blood, accompanied by evil odor, and symptoms such as frequent urination can also occur.

Cervical cancer

Almost all women with sexual life may be infected with HPV, so they have potential risks of cervical cancer.In addition, women who have never done cervical cancer screening are high -risk groups of cervical cancer.Women with continuously infected with high -risk HPVs will have higher risk of cervical cancer.In addition, premature sexual life, multi -sex partners or sexual partners, multi -sex partners, sexual partners have the history of cervical cancer, male genital cancer, multi -pregnancy and multi -yield, HIV infection, smoking or drug use, immune functionThere are high -risk people who have low cervical epithelial diseases and the history of vaginal cancer.

3. Endometriosis

The main symptoms are irregular bleeding, and the menstrual time of menopause is prolonged. Women with menopause will have postmenopausal bleeding.

Most of the endometriosis is different in pelvic orgasm. The most common of which is atomic to ovarian, clinically called ovarian chocolate cysts.If it is different in the uterine muscle layer, it is called uterine adenomy muscle.

Chocolate cyst

Women must eliminate sexual life during menstrual periods; pay attention to keep warm and avoid cold; girls should avoid frightening during menstruation, so as not to cause amenorrhea or formation;

If you have suffered from endometriosis and ovarian chocolate cysts greater than 7 cm or more, you must pay attention to maintaining emotional stability during menstrual or middle menstrual periods to avoid excessive fatigue. Once the tension in the cystic cavity suddenly increases, the cyst wall wall is wall.Fragmentation can form acute abdomen.

4. Cervical polyps

Cervic polyps

One of the manifestations of chronic cervicitis is cervical polyps, and married women are more likely to develop cervical polyps.One -third of the cervical polyps do not have obvious symptoms, so it is easy to miss the best treatment time, but it can be found through examination.The main symptoms of cervical polyps are leucorrhea, yellow hair, and bloodshot. After sexual life, there will be a small amount of bleeding.Accompanied by odor, the leucorrhea will have blood wire.

5. Endometrial cancer

Early symptoms of endometrial cancer, irregular bleeding in the vagina, blood leucorrhea, and lower abdomen pain.

Endometrial cancer symbol

Leucorrhea is a place for women’s self -examination of gynecological problems. Women must not ignore it. If there are various situations in the above situations, they must be checked in time!

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