Who can’t eat Ejiao?Ejiao’s edible method and purchase method

Ejiao has a history of more than 3,000 years, as a drug that has a nourishment and nourishing strong.Clinically, regardless of unilateral use or compatibility in compound, it has a wealth of records.Its nourishment effect is generally recognized by people, so people say that the three major treasures are nourished: ginseng, Cordyceps and Ejiao.

Ejiao’s edible effect

1. Replenish blood and qi.Ejiao has a good curative effect on the growth rate of hemoglobin and erythrocytes, and even exceeds the iron agent. Therefore, it has a very good effect on the effect of blood supplementation for blood loss and nutritional anemia.

2. Strong tendon and healthy bones.Ejiao has the effect of nourishing blood, while blood can nourish tendons, smooth the joints, supplement bone marrow, brain marrow, etc. Therefore, it has the effect of strong muscles and bones, and effectively fights rheumatism.

3. Enhance your physique.Ejiao contains a large amount of protein, which is conducive to the absorption of the human body. It can increase the human body’s resistance and reduce the occurrence of diseases. It is suitable for people with older diseases.

4. Slow -aging aging.Ejly contains gelatin, bone collagen, protein, and a variety of trace elements, a variety of amino acids, etc.These are important substances in human nutrition, which have obvious anti -aging and prolonging life.

5. Anti -cancer.Ejiao has a two -way regulating effect on cellular immunity.And has a good enhancement effect on the activity of NK cells, and NK cells play a certain role in suppressing tumors.In addition, Ejiao has the effect of promoting lymphocyte transformation, which can slow down tumor growth, improve symptoms, and prolong life.When using radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the use of Ejiao can reduce side effects, enhance physical fitness, and enhance drug tolerance.

6. Calcium supplement.Ejiao contains rich calcium. Through the effect of glycine, it promotes the absorption and storage of calcium, improves calcium balance in the body, and can prevent and treat osteoporosis.It is the ideal supplement in health care.

7. Beauty and beauty.Ejiao nourishes the skin through blood tonic, which is conducive to skin care.Long -term use can make your face rosy, tender and shiny.It is the best product to nourish the skin and beauty and beauty.

8. Renate menstruation.Ejiao can be used for irregular menstruation caused by blood deficiency, blood stasis, and blood heat; Ejiao can nourish yin and blood, and benefit it.It has a good treatment effect on common fetal elements, restless fetal movements, and even abortion.

9. Expansion of blood vessels.Ejiao has a significant inhibitory effect on increased blood viscosity.Taking Ejiao in middle -aged and elderly people can promote blood circulation, improve microcirculation, and resist arrhythmia.

The applicable crowd of Ejiao

Ejiao is particularly suitable for patients with anemia, tumor patients and tumor chemotherapy, weak people, irregular menstruation, pregnant women with fetal security, long -term disease deficiency, middle -aged and elderly women, brain workers, etc.

Many people think that Ejiao has the role of disease and disease, and has no disease. In fact, the abuse of Ejiao will also have side effects, such as causing the symptoms of indigestion and hyperactivity.As the saying goes: medication is not as good as diet.Pay more attention to ingesting foods rich in protein, iron, zinc and vitamins, can make qi and blood sufficient.

When suffering from diseases such as colds, cough, diarrhea, or menstruation, you should stop taking Ejiao and continue to take it after healing or stopping.In addition, according to traditional habits, you must also avoid your mouth, such as cold food, radish, strong tea and so on.

In addition, people with weak spleen and stomach and poor digestive function, the "three highs" crowd of those who are damp and humid in their bodies, those who have colds, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia; congestion has not been cleared, for exampleIt is not suitable for taking Ejiao.

Ejiao’s purchase method

Genuine Ejiao is a rectangular or square -shaped block, with flat blocks, consistent size, neat corners, no smell of skin, brown black or black black, shiny, semi -transparent edges when light perspective, crispy and fragmented, crispy and fragile, and fragmented.The section is also shiny.Taste it, the taste is slightly sweet but no smell.

Fake Ejiao is made from old skin, rotten skin, animal broken bones, etc., which is difficult to smell, dark color, no smooth shape, not smooth, and easy to soften in summer.Among them, harmful substances can also endanger human health.There are often illegal sale of fake Ejiao in the market, and there are many people who have been deceived.Therefore, you must pay attention when buying and taking Ejiao.

1. Picking place: Ejiao is a solid glue block made of donkey skin as raw materials, and more than 50 processes such as cooking and concentration.Axian is the most authentic.

2. Pick the year: The old saying: Ginseng is new, Ejiao wants to say.At present, from the shelf life of Ejiao, it is mostly 5 years, but as long as it is preserved properly, it is placed in a cool and dry place, the temperature is below 25 ° C. When it is opened, there is no smell and mold.Experiments have shown that if the genuine Ejiao is preserved properly, it will not be scattered after a century.

3. Look at the appearance: Ejiao is a rectangular or square block, hard and crispy, no pores, pores and obvious knife lines.The genuine Ejiao is smooth and shiny. Facing the light is brown and translucent, the surface of the rubber block should be used as amber with yellow transparency as amber, and those who are as dark as paint are true.

4. Smelling odor: Fake Ejiao is generally boiled with cowhide and horse skin. The smell is rotten.The easiest way is to place the crushed blocks purchased in your hands, first from the mouth in the mouth, and then smell it in front of the nose.Vibrate.If it is fake Ejiao, there is obvious odor.Another method is to smash the genuine Ejiao, put it in the cup, add the amount of boiling water, then cover the cup lid, place it for 1-2 minutes, and open the glue after opening.Or remove the outer layer of the film and wrap it in a humid and humid towel for 1-2 minutes. After opening, there is a glue flavor.The fakes are tested by the above two methods, with no glue flavor and smell of smell.

5. Test hardness: Take the genuine Ejiao on the table, it will be broken into several pieces.The high -quality Ejiao is tough and not easy to break, then it is suspected to be a fake, and the leather gum

6. Discipline: Finally, see the dissolution. After the authentic Ejiao smashes it, it is stirred by heating water, which is easy to dissolve, heating and dissolving in the water. The liquid surface consists of a layer of fat oil.The bad Ejiao is not easy to melt, and some will also appear insoluble floccope.

7. Touch the dry humidity: It is the epidermis of Ejiao."Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "The true person does not make skin odor, and Xia Yue is not soft."Even in the summer, Ejiao made with pure donkey skin will not be humid and soft, the skin is dry, and the touch will not be wet.If you touch Ejiao’s epidermis and stick your hands, you must not buy fake and shoddy products.

8. Test of fire: Put a few samples in True Ejiao Burning in the pupa. At the beginning, it cracks, and then expands and melts white smoke. It has a strong sesame oil aroma. After gray, the residue is black and looseSleep, not bonding with 坩埚.Otherwise it is a fake.

9. Bubble with water: After identifying true and false Ejiao, you can also smash the genuine rubber blocks, put the appropriate amount into a transparent glass, add an appropriate amount of boiling water, stir and dissolve, and place it for 1 to 2 minutes.There is a slightly unique glue smell of smell, and the gelatin soluble in hot water will be tied to frozen -like; fake Ejiao has a clear smell or different odor, and some will appear insoluble floccopeAfter dissolving, granular foreign objects are obviously obvious.The gelatin solution does not condense for 4 hours, and the fake solution condenses into a paste.

In addition, attach to the method of identifying other fake Ejiao:

1. Crucs are gelatin fakes. The hard quality is not easy to break. The burning has a strong turbid odor.

2. Miscellaneous gum, burning soybean oil aroma, the water test solution is dark gray brown red, and there are a few oil points on the liquid surface.

3. Bone glue, the surface is opaque and lustrous, there are small holes caused by bubbles, there are irregular wrinkles on the side, the hard quality is not easy to break, and the gas is slightly smelly.

4, gelatin, smooth and bright, crispy, slightly stench or ink -like smell.After the fire test, it becomes a white sliced powder and does not stick it.

Ejiao’s preservation method

Ejiao is prone to moisture, poor preservation, and easy to mold; it is not resistant to high temperature, and the weather will melt.According to the ancient storage method, it was stored in the lime cylinder when the weather was humid and humid in summer, or was buried in the bran bran to be closed and stored. Lime and bran absorb moisture, which played a protective role.

Modern ordinary families can put a little lime or other moisture absorbers at the bottom of the large glass bottle. If you eat other foods of the food desiccant bag, separate it with thick paper, and then put in the packets of Dong Ah.Ejiao, tightly lid the bottle cap and place it in a cool and dry place.

Long -term preservation should be settled in a layer of old oil paper in the paper bag, and an old oil paper should also be matched between each layer of glue to prevent Ejiao and paper.If there is no old oil paper, you can use food plastic bags.The container of the Ejiao should be placed in a cool and dry place.

In fact, with the improvement of production technology, Ejiao produced by large companies is not so easy to soften.Of course, it is difficult to say when it comes to the rainy season.Therefore, the easiest way can put Dong Ejiao into the edible packaging bag, tie the mouth tightly, and then put it in the refrigerator’s refrigerated room to save.Nourishing foods such as Ejiao Ointment made by family also need to be sealed in the refrigerator.

If the east Ejiao stored in the home is softened due to the softening of the moisture, the medicinal loss of the East Ejiao can be taken.However, the phenomenon of mold of Dong’er Ejiao can no longer be eaten. Edible East Ejiao, who is mildew, will have symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting, affecting your health.

How to eat Ejiao

Ejiao can be said to be the nourishing products with the most contact with female friends, but few people know how to play the greatest nutritional value and replenishment effect of Ejiao.For example, 是 比 Ejiao wants to break or powder, and then stir during the heating process.

"Tying" is to dissolve with thermal solution.It can be boiled water, or the medicinal solution that is filtered while hot, and can also be rice wine, hot milk, etc.When 先, first of all, the water should be hot, and the Ejiao needs to be crushed or fascinated to increase the area of the hot water. After pouring the hot water, it needs to be stirred to accelerate to dissolve.

You can also use the method of "stewing water": put Ejiao in a small bowl or cup, add an appropriate amount of boiled water or the filtered medicinal solution and simmer in the pot.Left and right, keep stirring.

It can be seen that when pushing Ejiao, especially when using medicinal solution, it cannot be simply understood as soaked in medicinal solution.After cooking the traditional Chinese medicine that needs to be fried in the prescription, pour out the solution, and use it to remove the cleaner or filter to obtain the clarified medicinal solution."; Before Punhua Ejiao, Ejiao should be crushed or powder.

Ejiao should not be fry directly, and it must be steamed with water separately.Newly boiled Ejiao should not be eaten, so as not to "get angry".Ejiao is more greasy, and it is easy to cause diarrhea. When taking Ejiao, it is best to use the medicine to regulate the spleen and stomach. This can promote the digestion and absorption of Ejiao, and the effect is doubled.

It is used for various kinds of bleeding such as hematopoietic, blood in the stool, vomiting blood, and dizziness and fatigue after blood loss. It is often compatible with Codonopsis, astragalus, angelica, cooked land, ginseng, daydown, five flavor seeds, white, and other.Treatment of deficiency and cough of lungs and coughing, deficiency, and upsets of yin and blood.Often compatible with gypsum, almond, ginseng, Ophiopogon and other.

Ejiao can treat lung tuberculosis blood: Reader Ejiao into thinning, take 20-30 grams each time, 2-3 times a day, send it with warm water, or boil into a paste-like drink, the effect is significant.

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