Why are girls’ breasts soft and hard?(Boys forbidden)

This man, how did you click in

Oh, it’s for my girlfriend, right?

Keke, I understand, I understand

Take out a small book for your girlfriend, take notes

Girls need to remember to collect it, watch repeatedly

The content today is very important

We are in the early stage

"Why can’t girls be rubbing in the chest"

I have talked about the special structure of girls’ breasts

I have never seen it, remember to make up the lesson

Now I’ll review it for you first

Female breasts are composed of fat, breast and pectoralis major muscles

The higher the proportion of fat and breasts

The softer and Q bombs on the chest

Like a soft bread at 36 ℃

Conversely, the harder

But this kind of hardness is relatively speaking

It’s not a hard stone, but a tough bun

But the soft chest

When encountering the following 6 cases

Will be involuntarily hardened

Sexuality of intimacy

When you "ignore everything for love"

Women’s breasts will be sexually stimulated

Quickly congest

As a result, it becomes hard and grows visually

That is what you often say "touch big"

No need to touch it, just need to be sexually stimulated

There will also be a "reflection" that becomes bigger and hard

For example: I can’t help but see the handsome guy

Or when you peek at the ban on broadcast content

Periodic hormone changes

If you have a girlfriend, but you didn’t find this

Then I have to reflect on it

Do you care too little about her?

One week before my aunt came

In the body

Estrogen and progesterone levels rise

There will be a phenomenon of natural hardness and becoming bigger.

It will be stronger than usual than usual

But don’t worry at this time

Because at this time girls will have a sense of swelling and pain

Coupled with hormones at this time

There will be emotional irritability and irritability

Don’t pay attention to hurting your little baby

The consequences could be disastrous

Physiological changes during pregnancy and lactation

Specific mothers in the early pregnancy

You will also find that your breast becomes hard and big

Similarly, this is also the estrogen and progesterone in "pounding"

They can stimulate breast development and prepare for breastfeeding

If the milk is not smooth, or the milk is not sucked out for a long time

At this time, the breasts will become as hard as "pomegranate"

Result of weight loss in the short term

You think you run to lose weight, the thinner is the thigh

Sitting up, the thin belly is thin

Raise the dumbbell, the thin arm is thin

It’s wrong!

As long as you lose weight,

The whole body fat will burn together

The breasts with the most fat content are naturally the first!

The chest fat is reduced, and the chest muscles are touched,

Naturally, it is even harder to feel!

If you lose weight and rebound, go back and go back

The chest will become softened again!

Restore after breast augmentation

3-4 weeks of breast augmentation surgery

The feel will gradually harden

This is the repair of the tissue after surgery

And the formation of scars is directly related

But after half a year or even a year later

Will softened again

Disease response in the breast

There are hard blocks, group blocks in the breasts

Then pay attention to two situations

One is rules, which can be moved

This high probability is breast hyperplasia

*About 50%to 70%of women in big cities in our country suffer from different degrees of breast hyperplasia, and most of them occur from 25 ~ 45 years old

This situation is normal

Will change with the periodic changes of menstruation

But if the shape appears irregular

The border is unclear and difficult to promote

If there is no pain

Just be alert to breast cancer

But don’t be too nervous

During the menstrual cycle

Touching uneven hard group

Most of them are benign

For the sake of insurance, it is recommended to seek medical treatment

Why didn’t you talk about softening?

Because these three softened situations

Very unfavorable to girls

First: Get fat

If you have a lot of fat, your chest is big and soft

But what follows is

Double chin, hue ring, radish legs ~

Second: get older

Agent -resistant age factor

As a result, breast tissue atrophy

The overall loss of elasticity, the chest becomes softer

But drooping!IntersectionIntersection

Third: edema

This is more serious

If your fingers press the chest

The surface of the surface is sunken and does not rebound

It is necessary to consider breast edema

There are many situations that cause edema

It is recommended to go to the hospital for a doctor

Understand the specific cause of edema

Time treatment, right medicine

Except for breasts, it will be soft and hard

In fact, the nipples will suddenly be suddenly hard

Even mastering some kind of "switch"

Can also control its changes

I am talking about it today, I’m afraid you can’t eat it in one bite

You digest it first ~

It’s time for get off work

Let’s talk about it next time, it’s slippery!

One minute of Ph.D., the posture continues to rise

-The end of this issue-

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