Why are more and more women who are particularly excluded when they hear the marriage inspection? There are many reasons for it.

The marriage inspection seemed to have a strong sense of age. As early as 2003, my country’s "Marriage Registration Regulations" changed the pre -marriage mandatory marriage check -up system to a voluntary marriage check. It was precisely increased from the annual divorce rate after 2004, and the marriage rate gradually decreased.Nowadays, there are very few "marriage inspections" before marriage, and even some young people believe that the marriage check before marriage is a stepping stepping stalls that peep at secret and privacy.

Why don’t you want to marry?

Tingting and Kobayashi have been in love for a year and a half. They are preparing to get married at the end of the year. The family members are also very happy. After all, Kobayashi is 31 years old this year. The family hopes that the two newcomers will ask the baby as soon as possible after they get married.A marriage checkup, prepare before marriage.

As a result, a sympathetic Tingting was unwilling to go, and said that he hated going to the hospital most from a young age, and was worried that it would be a series of reasons such as injury to the body and other reasons.Wife, I also felt that it was not necessary to check it, so I saved this item before marriage.

After the marriage, Tingting and Kobayashi were aborted. Later, accompanied by her mother -in -law and mother, they insisted on taking Tingting to the hospital for examination. Afterwards, they learned that there was a reason for Tingting abortion after marriage. Tingting had been born many times before marriage.As a result, the endometrium of the uterus is thin and it is already vulnerable, so it leads to natural habitual abortion.

The family was messy after learning the news.Tingting was difficult to get pregnant in the future, and deceived the Kobayashi family. No wonder she was unwilling to have a marriage check before marriage. It seemed that everything was explained. Afterwards, Xiaolin’s mother forced the two to divorce.

There are not a few women like Tingting who are unwilling to do a marriage inspection, which is one of the other reasons for the increase in divorce rate after 2004.

Is the wedding check necessary

1. Both sexes must be a marriage check, not only women, but men also need to have a pre -marital examination.Avoid the spread of infectious diseases before marriage, and prepare for eugenics and eugenics after marriage.Checking blood can detect diseases of hepatitis A, hepatitis B and other reproductive infectious diseases, and exclude infection caused by the chaos in private life in advance. This suggestion is checked as soon as possible.

2. History of genetics

For example, congenital heart disease, urinary disease, and mental illness can generally be detected before marriage. Other albinopathic diseases can be checked if there are mental illness in the three generations of direct diseases, and prepare for examination in advance.

In addition, some basic project examinations for marriage checks are the healthy understanding of both parties, such as blood sugar and blood pressure, height weight, visual hearing, and so on.Some people think that pre -marital checkup is a kind of frank and more consolidated the relationship between the two.However, some newcomers are unwilling to do a marriage inspection, thinking that everyone has the power to retain their secrets.

The ultimate purpose of marriage inspection: promotes eugenics, so that everyone can have healthy babies, not to spy personal privacy.

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