Why are pregnant women more vulnerable to emotional trouble?

"I’m so tired, don’t want to live anymore"

"Children will cry, I can’t help it"

"Why do children blame moms when there is an accident!"

"No one can understand me at all …"

… …

Pregnancy and having children are not always happy for the pregnant woman themselves.

In China, nearly 15 million fertilizer women are born each year, and the incidence of postpartum depression is about 21%, that is, about 3.19 million women are plagued by postpartum depression.

And this number is only the number of people diagnosed in the hospital. In reality, there are actually a large number of maternal women who have suffered emotionally.

Pregnancy-childbirth-breastfeeding. In this special period, women will not only change their bodies, but also have a series of reactions in their psychology: repeated emotions, irritable temper, depression, etc. every day is like a roller coaster.

Why are maternal maternals easily trapped by emotions?

Teacher Li Jiale, a senior psychological counselor of Xunxin, answered

01 physiological factors

The hormone in pregnant women in the body after pregnancy or after delivery will change, and such hormone changes often affect the mood of pregnant women.

In addition, whether it is during pregnancy or postpartum, the sleeping and schedules of pregnant women are often affected. Instead of sleeping well, it will easily bring negative emotions such as anxiety and depression.

Although there is no way to intervene in the body’s hormones, we can eat, sleep well, and take care of ourselves. This is very important.

02 transformation on the character character

Because of the child, we slowly transformed from the identity character of an ordinary woman to the role of a mother and mother.

There are many mothers who are worried that they can not be a good mother and have no way to take care of their children. These concerns often strengthen anxiety and depression.

But in fact, we have to know that we do n’t know how to be a good mother in life. We are just a 0 -year -old baby on this role as a mother.

So it takes time to practice and learn to be a good mother. We don’t need to worry so much.

03 family factors

Because the members of the family will basically turn around the child after having a child, most of the time, the personal thoughts and feelings of maternal mothers will be ignored, and there will be many conflicts in educational concepts.

For some pregnant women who do not know how to face conflicts or do not know how to express their ideas, they often suppress their ideas and feelings.Sleepy.

Therefore, pregnant women can slowly try to express their feelings and ideas. As a family, we need to pay more attention to the inner feelings and ideas of pregnant women, listen and understand their inner voice a little more.

Born a child, for a woman, is the most huge stress process in the body and psychology in life.

With the arrival of new life, from the beginning of giving birth to a baby to the joy of raising the baby, it gradually becomes unprepared daily life.in.

In the long run, there may be some incurable damage to yourself, family, and children.

Therefore, if the maternal fluctuations in the maternal fluctuations around them are too large, they must conduct professional psychological intervention in time.Help pregnant women adapt to adjustment, while guiding our family to support and help, so that we can go through this level smoothly in care and happiness.

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