Why are the two numbers of Ningxia Zhongwei so warm in 32 days and 23 minutes

"The family is finally reunited! Thank you very much for the closed -loop management and enthusiastic help of the government, police station and medical staff to eliminate difficulties for me and let my daughter return to us. The whole family is all right now, thank you!"

On September 25, Ms. Zhao, a resident of the Blue Sky Community, Qiyun Community, Ning’an Town, Ningxia, received her daughter after receiving her daughter under the escort of the epidemic prevention and control staff.

"On August 24, the child was born. On September 14, he went to the First People’s Hospital of Yinchuan City, Ningxia on September 14. Seeing that he was about to be discharged, breastfeeding was urgently needed. However, because of the epidemic, he could not return to my embrace.In the early morning of the 23rd, our family reported urgently to the new news. "Ms. Zhao said.

After receiving a message from the new news report, the Propaganda Department of the Zhongning County Party Committee of Ningxia Zhongning City first contacted the county’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters to coordinate and coordinate relevant departments, and do all the preparations for the "baby home".

At 13:00 on September 25, the staff of the Central Ningxian County Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters and the Propaganda Department of the County Party Committee in Ningxia Zhongning County sent a special car to escort Ms. Zhao to the Uma High Speed Zhongning Export to pick up her heart.Essence

At 13:30 in the morning, Ms. Zhao successfully received 32 days of birth from the staff, and then returned home safely. Zhao Jiayu thanked the car staff at the same time. "In the control situation, how can our family reunite so soon. "

"Comrades, you want to find a way to save my daughter -in -law!"

On September 24, a call for help opened a thrilling relay in Haiyuan County, Ningxia Zhongwei City.

At 12:50 on that day, four cadres including Zhang Dongxiong, Zhang Dongxiong, Haiyuan County Party Committee of Ningxia Zhongwei City, were carrying out publicity, investigation, and service prevention and control work in the Fumin Garden Community, which were insured in the unit, and suddenly received a call to call for anxiety.It turned out that Mr. Ma’s wife, Ms. Tian, had a sudden condition in the family of Fumin Garden. She had severe abdominal pain and bleed a lot of bleeding for nearly 40 days of pregnancy.He was sent to Haixing Development Zone 50 kilometers away the previous day for centralized isolation observation, which could not help his wife.

"You can take her to the hospital for me, hurry up and faster!" Mr. Ma was anxious."Don’t worry, you can soothe your wife first, we are contacting the rescue." Zhang Dongxiong appeaned.At the same time, Zhou Wencai, a group grid member of the united community of Fumin Garden, and Ma Fu, the secretary of the community, also received a call from the pregnant woman, saying that the abdominal pain was severe, the bleeding was serious, and the situation was critical.They hurriedly reported the situation and actively coordinated the relevant parties.

Save people tight.Zhang Dongxiong and the community immediately reported the emergency situation to the Haiyuan County Epidemic Prevention and Control Command. The headquarters immediately instructed to quickly open the green channel for treatment.Zhang Zhichun, director of the Headquarters Office and Director of the County Health and Health Bureau, immediately commanded and dispatched and rescued.Just a few minutes later, the 120 ambulance rushed to the Fumin Garden Community in Beiping Liang, and quickly sent the pregnant woman to the Haiyuan County People’s Hospital.After emergency treatment, Ms. Tian turned to danger.

From receiving the first call to the emergency medical treatment of pregnant women, just 23 minutes, a life rescue was completed through the green channel."Thank you so much!" Mr. Ma was in love with Zhang Dongxiong and the community cadres and medical staff.With the first to save people, we can think of it for us. Our family is particularly moved. You are the model of everyone under the epidemic. "

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