Why are women more prone to anemia after pregnancy?What can pregnant women eat fast?

After pregnancy, women will be "visited" suddenly by various discomforts. The day before yesterday, she encountered a pregnant mother Ms. Zhou. As soon as she was in the middle of pregnancy, she suddenly felt palpitations at noon the day before yesterday.And there is also a slight abdominal pain, worried that the child would be accidentally accidentally, Ms. Zhou had no time to notify her family and rushed to the hospital to hang the emergency department. After we learned about the situation, we helped her contact her colleagues and gynecology colleagues.After examination, the heart palpitations and shortness of breath because of the severe anemia, and the fetus was also affected by abnormalities due to abnormalities. Because of the long -term anemia of Ms. Zhou, the fetus was still slow.

Anemia during pregnancy is a very common problem, because the symptoms are very similar to the pregnancy response in the early pregnancy, and there will be symptoms such as pale, weak body, dizziness, and other symptoms. Pregnant mothers often confuse the two of them, so they ignore the anemia of anemia.The problem, when it is discovered, it is already very serious.For ordinary people, anemia may not have too much problems, but for pregnant women, anemia may reduce the amount of antibody in the body, low immunity, weaken disease resistance, etc.It will also increase, and the anemia pregnant mothers will also increase the heartbeat due to the decrease in oxygen supply capacity, which will increase the rate of blood flow, which will cause the pregnant mother’s heart to burden.Not only the pregnant mother will have problems, but the fetus will also be implicated. Chronic hypoxia may occur in the fetus, which will cause the fetus to develop slowly.

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Why are pregnant women more prone to anemia than ordinary people

First of all, it is insufficient iron content.Due to the special system, women are prone to anemia, and the monthly menstruation once a month will also take away a large number of blood volume. In addition, if you do not pay attention to iron supplementation, the amount of iron stored in the body will be obviously insufficient after pregnancy.It is difficult to maintain the normal hematopoietic function.According to statistics, most women, the iron elements required throughout the pregnancy are as high as 1000mg, and the average daily amount of iron is 45mg. As far as young women are concerned, the normal iron content is about 2.3 mg.And women’s iron loss is faster. If the amount of iron is not required during pregnancy, it means that anemia is already anemia, and iron supplementation needs to be done before pregnancy.

Secondly, the body and fetus after pregnancy.After women, women will change a lot, and the amount of blood required will increase significantly, which will cause the blood concentration of the pregnant mother’s body to decrease. In order to increase the blood concentration, it must have the help of iron. Naturally, it will naturally.Consume the iron stored in the pregnant mother’s body.In addition to the cause of the blood concentration, the fetus also needs the participation of iron when developing and the formation of the placenta. The growth of the fetus requires blood.The fetus will naturally have anemia. Moreover, as the fetus continues to grow, more blood is needed to support, and the pregnant mother needs to be ironed even more.

Finally, the iron supplement was ignored in diet.Now most women are office workers. They are usually busy with work. They are solved casually. If they do not care about nutrition problems, they will cause the lack of iron in the body.In the early stages of pregnancy, nausea, pregnancy vomiting and other situations often occur, and there is no appetite. If you do not get supplement in your diet, and pregnancy will cause a large amount of iron, and it will also affect the normal absorption of the gastrointestinal and intestines.The pregnant mother will naturally be anemia.

How to prevent anemia during pregnancy

1. Blood supplement during pregnancy is to supplement iron.Pregnant mothers can choose some iron -rich foods for iron supplementation, such as lean meat, eggs, animal liver, etc., soy products are also foods with more iron content.More and easy to digest.At the same time, it is necessary to eat more fruits and vegetables, which can not only supplement iron, but also vitamin C in fruits and vegetables can also promote the absorption of iron in the intestine.

2. Eat more high -protein foods.Pregnant mother anemia is not enough to supplement iron, but also pay attention to supplementing protein, because the protein can make hemoglobin with iron and increase blood concentration.Pregnant mothers can choose some high -protein foods, such as lean meat and soy products. Milk can drink a drink before going to bed, which can supplement the protein and help pregnant mothers sleep.

3. If the iron deficiency is serious, you can consider the iron supplement.If the iron deficiency is severe during pregnancy, you can consider using the drug to supplement the iron. Of course, this must be performed under the guidance of a doctor.The potion for iron supplementation is mainly an easy -to -absorb active iron. It can also choose a injection method to quickly supplement the iron to alleviate the symptoms of anemia caused by the anemia caused by the deficiency of the pregnant mother.

4. Inspection on time.During pregnancy, the pregnant mother must conduct a timely check -up, so that the body can be discovered in a timely manner for timely treatment.(The picture comes from the Internet)

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