Why are women prone to anemia?What is the effect of taking blood?

The rosy face shows that the blood is strong and is a symbol of health, but many female friends have a anemia to varying degrees. Why are female friends prone to anemia?The following reasons will tell you the answer.

First of all, almost every girl will come in the early 10 years old. It will come to leave. After menstruation, it will come almost every month after the period of menstrual period. There are 4-8 days a month.Female friends have a lot of menstrual flow. Over time, it is easy to cause iron deficiency anemia.

Secondly, female friends are also easy to cause anemia.Women’s demand for iron during pregnancy is usually several times, especially in some pregnant women’s pregnancy response during pregnancy, particularly picky on things, and uneven nutrition, resulting in less iron intake from food than usual.Essence

Female friends can easily cause anemia during breastfeeding again.There is such a saying that "milk is the mother’s blood and blood". Babies with pure breastfeeding in the half -year -old, all nutrients from breast milk.Maternal love is great. She will give priority to her nutrition to her baby in a way. Therefore, if the breastfeeding mothers usually ca n’t keep up with diet and nutrition, it is easy to cause anemia.


Weight loss is one of the reasons why female friends anemia.Having a devil’s body is something that female friends dream of, so many female friends treat weight loss as a lifetime career.If you want to lose weight, you must hold your mouth.Many female friends use fruits and vegetables instead of staple food for a long time for the graceful figure. They rarely eat meat foods. Female friends need to be more iron than male friends. Long -term control of diet, making it easy for female friends to be anemia, soGenerally, female friends who lose weight to lose weight are not very good.

There are many reasons for female friends to cause anemia. So what should we eat in daily life to replenish blood?

First of all, female friends can usually eat more red dates. The effect of red dates is very good. If possible, you can eat 2-3 red dates a day.Guiyuan’s blood replenishment effect is also good, but it is easy to get angry, you can choose to eat in moderation.

Secondly, female friends in menstrual period should pay more attention to diet adjustment.You can eat more pork liver, spinach and other foods with rich iron content during menstrual period. The blood replenishment effect of black beans is also good. You can drink more black soybean milk during menstruation.

Again, female friends in the special period of pregnancy and breastfeeding. If iron deficiency anemia is serious, pay attention to food supplements while supplementing some iron, because iron deficiency anemia can also endanger the health of the mother and fetus at the same time.Babies with all breast milk can also supplement the iron with an appropriate amount of iron.

Blood gas is the spirit of a person. It is recommended that female friends eat more blood supplements in daily life, because this will make you healthy and more younger.

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