Why are you pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives?

In daily life, female friends may have no protective life for some reasons, or contraceptive failures such as harm, slipping, and error calculation safety period, and accidental damage. They can consider taking emergency contraceptives.

However, some women are still pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives!What is the reason?

Let’s first understand the principle of contraceptives for emergency contraceptives.

A type of medicine commonly used in emergency contraceptives is unilateral progesterone, and the ingredients are left germ.Its contraceptive mechanism is to significantly inhibit ovulation and prevent the bed in the bed, and increase the consistency of cervical mucus, increase the resistance of sperm penetration, and thereby exert the speed -effective contraceptive effect.

Another new type of emergency contraceptive pill is a kind of anti -progestive hormone, the ingredients are Mepitone, which has the functions of terminating early pregnancy, anti -bed, induced menstruation, and promoting cervical maturity.It also has a certain combination with glucocorticoid receptor, which can significantly increase the sensitivity of the uterus to the prostaglandin.

In other words, taking emergency contraceptives in different periods during menstrual cycle can produce three different functions: inhibit ovulation, interfere with fertilization, or prevent fertilized eggs from implanting in the uterus.

For women who do not want to get pregnant for the time being, are it insurance for taking emergency contraceptives?

But in fact, it’s not!

The survey shows that the efficiency of emergency contraceptives is about 80%, which means that about 20%of female friends failed to take emergency contraceptives!The main factors affecting the effect of emergency contraception are:

1. Before taking emergency contraceptives, there have been many non -protective sexual life, and the fertilized eggs have been successfully bed in the uterus after the pre -life of the pre -life.In other words, taking emergency contraceptives will not play a role in interrupting pregnancy without being pregnant.

2. Emergency contraceptives can only play a role in a non -protective sex life that has occurred. After taking the medicine, there is no protective sex life, and it is still possible to get pregnant.Therefore, after taking the medicine until the menstrual recovery, there should be no protective sexual life.

3. The interval between the contraceptive effect is related to the interval between the sexual to the use of the drug.The earlier after sex, the better the contraceptive pill. The extension of the time of the medication, and the contraceptive failure rate has increased.Some female friends failed to use them in accordance with the prompts in the drug instructions in the use, and the medication time was more than 72 hours.

4. Taking other drugs while taking emergency contraceptives.For example, during the treatment of antibiotics, contraceptives should not be selected, because antibacterial drugs can inhibit bacteria reproduction in the intestine, reduce the decomposition of hormone binding, and reduce hepatomycin, such as penicillin, ammonia crichin, tetracycline, etc., which can destroy normal bacteria in the intestine in the intestine., Reduce the activity of bacteria, interfere with the normal cycle of the body hormone in the liver and intestine, leading to a reduction in the concentration of the body hormone in the blood, which leads to contraception failure.

5. So soon after taking the medicine, severe nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea and fever during taking emergency contraceptives, etc., will also affect the absorption of emergency contraceptives and cause contraceptive failure.

6. Some female friends have no error in taking methods, but due to individual differences, the absorption and utilization of drugs can also cause contraceptive failures.

How can we reduce the risk of failure to fail the emergency contraceptive contraceptive?

1. Master the time, take emergency contraceptives within 72 hours after the post, and the earlier the medicine, the better the effect. After more than 72 hours, the failure rate will be higher.

2. Drug emergency contraception can only play a role in this unprotected sexual life. After taking emergency contraceptives, other reliable contraceptive measures should be taken before the next menstruation arrives.

3. Only once used in a period of menstrual cycle once, and the second time may be invalid.It can only be used 2-3 times a year. Multiple use may cause hormone level disorders in the body, causing other gynecological symptoms such as irregular menstruation.

4. It is best to take Zuo Nonourone after meals or before going to bed, which can reduce adverse reactions such as nausea.Do not eat the front and rear 2h before taking rice oltone. This is conducive to the absorption of the drug. If there is vomiting within 2h, you should take it once.

5. People with cold, fever, and acute enteritis should not choose emergency contraceptive contraceptives, which will affect the absorption of emergency contraceptives.

6. After taking emergency contraceptives, the menstrual cycle should be calculated. If you find that the menstrual period is found, you should go to the hospital to check whether the emergency contraception fails.

Emergency contraception is just an emergency method, not a conventional contraceptive measure.Its efficiency is significantly lower than the conventional contraceptive method, and due to the high dosage (the dosage of the first emergency contraception is generally equivalent to the 8 -day conventional short -acting oral dose), the side effects are significantly higher than the conventional contraceptive pills. For examplewait.It should be correctly selected for your contraceptive method, and should not be sent to emergency contraceptives.

Using emergency contraceptives in excess and frequent use may also cause damage to the body, leading to prolonged menstrual disorders, bleeding or bleeding, and inconvenience to women’s life and work.

So, can this child stay after the failure of emergency contraceptives?

Relevant studies believe that within 2 weeks of fertilization, the effects of any embryo toxic drugs and toxic and harmful substances on the embryo are manifested as "all" or "none", that is, emergency contraceptives or other toxic and harmful substances to embryos for embryos.The influence is: either cause the child’s abortion, or it can not affect anything. There is no problem with the child and can continue pregnancy.

Fertilization usually occurs in the middle of menstruation. If the menstruation is once every 28 days, then all or without benefits are probably effective within one month after menopause.During this period, if you do n’t know about pregnancy, you do n’t have to be too nervous after taking emergency contraceptives or taking emergency contraceptives. As long as the child survives, there is usually no problem.If you have not planned to have a child for the time being, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible for the next step.

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