Why bleed in early pregnancy?

Why bleed in early pregnancy?In the early pregnancy, the vaginal bleeding of pregnant women generally has the following reasons:

1. Will the fertilized eggs bleed with the fertilized eggs?Generally speaking, most pregnant women do not feel anything. Only a small number of women. Due to physiological and physical problems, a small amount of red or pink blood will be produced when fertilized eggs.The cause of growth is suitable for a physiological phenomenon. Pregnant moms only need to keep the vagina clean and tidy, don’t worry too much.

2. Ectopic pregnancy, for some reasons, such as inflammation of fallopian tubes, fertilized eggs, etc., fertilized eggs stay, bed and develop outside the uterus, such as on the fallopian tube, the embryo grows to a certain degree.And sharp abdominal pain, even shock, is dangerous, so after knowing that she is pregnant, pregnant women should go to the hospital for examination in time to exclude ectopic pregnancy as soon as possible.

3. The quality of the embryo is not good, which is the medical term we often hear-fetal stopping, hydatidal or dead tires, which cannot develop normally to production. Generally, we die in the early stages of pregnancy.This is why it is sometimes unsuccessful to protect the fetus, because it is not a small amount of luteal function.

4. Breakfine abortion, most of them occur in the early pregnancy, and a small part also occurs between 13-28 weeks. Generally, the amount of vaginal bleeding is small, the blood color is dark red, or a bloody leucorrhea.Zhou, with mild lower abdominal pain or back pain, common causes of threatened abortion are chromosomal abnormalities, malnutrition of pregnant women, pregnant women’s uterine malformations, lack of luteal function and environmental environment.

In principle, pregnant moms cannot have vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. You are similar to signs of abortion, but the specific reasons need to be checked to doctors to "symptomatic medicine".

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