Why can female stars getting makeup?I want too……

Lin Xinru, who was "second child" yesterday, was photographed slightly when she was photographed when she was filming.But she responded in an interview: Everyone looks forward to falling!At the same time, she also laughed that she had to choose clothes and pay attention to sitting.In addition to wearing, whether you can make up during pregnancy also become the focus of daily debate.

First, during this period, the skin especially needs care for care.

During the pregnancy, the pregnant mother quickly had spots on her face, the skin was short of water, dull, and various problems with the skin.

This is because a woman has changed a lot of hormones in the body after pregnancy, which directly reflects the skin problem.If you do n’t maintain your skin at this time, you ca n’t start when you really want to care.

Second, start with skin care, focus on cleaning, moisturizing and sun protection.

The most important thing for care during pregnancy is cleaning, moisturizing and sun protection.Using mild and irritating cleaning products; the focus of moisturizing needs to be adjusted according to season and skin condition; because melanocytes during pregnancy are more active, they will create more melanin.Avoid exposure for a long time in the sun.It is recommended to choose a relatively pure physical sun protection during pregnancy. The chemical sunscreen may have side effects because of the complex components.

Third, if you want to make up, it is mainly light makeup.

You can make up during pregnancy, but don’t make makeup.Try to choose cosmetics with "simple, natural, non -irritating". The less adding items, the better. Try to avoid using products such as alcohol, pigmentation, spices, preservatives, etc. It is not recommended to use acid or whitening products.Many whitening products contain acids, and even contains drugs, which may contain three -in -one drugs. It is not recommended to use pregnant women.Although the regulations do not clearly specify which components of pregnant mothers can use, many products specifically designed for pregnant mothers have appeared on the market. You can add more reference when choosing.

At present, there is no relevant medical research that the use of cosmetics during pregnancy will affect the health of the fetus, and even cause malformations of the fetus. During pregnancy, if too much contact with those cosmetics rich in republican metals, it will definitely grow the baby’s growth.It is adversely affected.But in fact, in addition to the skin care products dedicated to pregnant women, there are also makeup for pregnant women.These products are relatively safe and reliable and can be used.

The experts invited by "We" have made their answers: As long as you master the above points during pregnancy, you don’t have to be too tangled about makeup during pregnancy.In addition, we should remind you of pregnant mothers to ensure sleep and good mood. As the saying goes, good skin is sleeping. After watching Jiangsu Satellite TV "We" every Thursday night, go to sleep beautifully.Intersection

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