Why can’t I get pregnant during ovulation?Netizen: Note that this is very important

I believe that when many people want children, no matter how hard they want, their stomachs have not moved.Some husbands and wives have the same room during ovulation, but they still have not pregnant, so they began to doubt that they have problems with their fertility.Many times not because of fertility, but to get pregnant smoothly, we still need to grasp a certain time.

Many women are very troublesome, obviously have ovulation, and they are also in the same room during ovulation. As a result, there is no pregnancy.

No, there is a pair of young couples. Xiao Rou’s husband has been married for more than two years, and the two have been preparing for pregnancy for more than half a year. As a result, there is no pregnancy.Ovulate test strips are tested before each room, and after testing, they will have the same room with her husband.As a result, Xiaorou was inaccurate. There was no way. The couple could only go to the hospital for examination.

After some examinations, the results showed that there was no problem with the body of the couple. This is strange. Since they are all healthy, they also have the same room during ovulation, but why can’t they conceive their children?

Xiaorou also told the doctor that he worked hard during the pregnancy. He and her husband not only went to bed early and got up early, but also tabooed. Parenting in the same room was also performed during ovulation. Others could get pregnant smoothly.Essence

The ovulation period is the same as the room but does not conceive. Don’t ignore this.Many women with birth plans will calculate the ovulation period. In addition to being calculated according to the menstrual cycle, it will also monitor the ovulation period by testing temperature and test strip testing.

Although there are opportunities for conception during ovulation, many people think that the chance of pregnancy will increase.In fact, this approach is not correct, and it may also be counterproductive, leading to difficulty in conception. The young couple must be cautious.

If women have normal ovulation, they can be discharged on time, and pay attention to the same room during ovulation. Women’s eggs have a life span. If women’s eggs are unhealthy, this will also cause sperm and eggsPregnant.If a woman is in the same room with her husband every month, but she is not pregnant, they can try the same room a day before ovulation, so as to increase the chance of conception.

Some husbands and wives believe that if you want to get pregnant, you need to increase the number of times the same room, which will increase the chance of conception.In fact, the frequent room during ovulation will reduce the sperm quality of men, and the chance of pregnancy will naturally be reduced.

Many women calculate their ovulation period based on the menstrual cycle, but for women with irregular menstruation, this method is not accurate.And long -term drinking of women may cause irregular menstruation and ovulation dysfunction, so there will be difficulties in pregnancy.

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