Why did Cixi, who had been widow for many years, became pregnant in her later years?How to check it out?What is the truth?

In the Note novel "Wen Chen Tong Ji Ji Ji Ji" in the late Qing Dynasty, the vivid description of Cixi, who has been pregnant for more than 20 years in Guangxu (1882), has been pregnant, and also killed two imperial imperialism.Medicine, the third place in the end escaped the killing of the killing with his own wit.

So Wen Ting -style records are true or false?Let’s talk about the truth about Cixi’s pregnancy.

According to the records in "Wen Chen", Emperor Xianfeng died when Cixi was 27 years old. Cixi later had a private connection with the fake eunuch Ande Hai. After Andehai was killed by the governor of Shandong Ding Baozhen, Cixi was in another place.With the help of the eunuch Li Lianying, he met with a businessman named Bai in Beijing.

Li Lianying often helped Bai’s merchants in and out of the court and Cixi. Later, Cixi was worried that the matter was revealed, so they took the initiative to cut off their contact with Bai’s businessman.Waiting for the phenomenon, I will find the imperial medicine to enter the palace to see a doctor.

After entering the palace, Yuxi gave Ci Xi for a long time without saying a while, but just said that Cixi had nothing to do with his body, just take a few more days of rest.

However, after a few days of resting for a few days, Cixi did not improve, so I found the second imperial doctor to see the doctor. This imperial doctor was more reckless. On the spot, "Congratulations to Lafayettes with joy", which shocked Li Lianying a big jump.Cixi was directly furious and scolded: "For more than 20 years in the sore family, He Xizhi, mediocre doctor, is simply a mediocre doctor."

Under Cixi’s anger, the second royal doctor was cut. Later, when Cixi thought that it might be that the businessman Bai was too powerful, and he was really happy, so the first Royal Medicine did not tell me.So when he came, Cixi sent someone to destroy the first imperial doctor again.

Cixi originally wanted Li Lianying to steal the folk with a pair of fetal medicines and took it, but she was always known by Emperor Guangxu in her bad health. In order to please Cixi, Guangxu deliberately found the famous Royal doctor Xue Fuchen, who has been retired for many years.See a doctor for Cixi.

After entering the palace, Xue Fuchen immediately understood that Cixi was not physical uncomfortable. She was pregnant, and Xue Fuchen had learned that two imperial medicine colleagues were killed before entering the palace. HeI also understand the danger of this incident, so after finishing the pulse, I said to Cixi: "The Empress Dowager Lafayette is to work hard for the country, leading to mental stagnation and blood stasis, blood and gas are accumulated in the abdomen, and qi should be used.Once the blood is unobstructed, the phoenix is naturally well -being. "

In fact, Xue Fuchen’s words are very clever. In a word, "blood gas is accumulated in the abdomen" does not mean that there is a doll in the belly of Cixi. Cixi also understands it.Essence

Later, Xue Fuchen said that he needed to use the ancestral secret recipe to help Cixi to condition the body, so he personally grasped and fried, and gave it to Cixi to take it.After Cixi finished eating, it really was fine. In order to stabilize Xue Fuchen, Cixi rewarded him a lot of gold and silver jewelry.

However, Xue Fuchen is a very savvy and transparent person. He knows that he has learned the secret he should not know. He will be destroyed in the morning and evening, so Xue Fuchen asked to return his hometown with old age.It is necessary to let Xue Fuchen be in his own control to be at ease.

Xue Fuchen was good at treating the disease and pretending to be illness. As a last resort, he pretended to pretend that the stroke was hemiplegia, and made a look of his life. This was really confused, so he put him back to his hometown of Wuxi.

After Xue Fuchen returned to his hometown Wuxi, Cixi certainly didn’t worry about it, and sent someone to Wuxi to find out the situation of Xue Fuchen, but he learned that Xue Fuchen died shortly after returning to Wuxi, and the funeral was extremely grand.He witnessed his funeral.After Cixi learned that Xue Fuchen’s death, he let go of his heart.

However, how could Cixi know that this was Xue Fuchen’s scamming strategy. After returning to his hometown of Wuxi, Xue Fuchen asked his family to arrange a funeral immediately, and let his family declare that he had died.After Xue Fuchen held his funeral, he secretly took his family to leave Wuxi with his family.

This is the Cixi pregnancy incident recorded by Wen Ting’s "Wen Chen Puppet". Of course, this incident is actually a rumor of folk wild history. It is just compiled according to real historical events.What is the prototype.

Why is the Cixi pregnancy incident recorded in "Wen Chen’s Puppet" is completely discredited? See a look at Wen Ting -style. He is the second year of Guangxu (1890).The activists in the reform reform during the period were forced to flee Japan by Cixi after the transformation failed.

Therefore, Wen Ting style has a great contradiction with Cixi. He hates Cixi very much. He also wrote the book "Wen Chen" during the escape from Tokyo, Japan. In this bookOnly women who are greedy to enjoy and disaster the country and the people.

Therefore, Wen Ting’s intentionally discredited and ugly Cixi wrote Cixi’s pregnancy. Of course, Wen Ting style is not groundless.Bloody disease.

Hematoma’s practical modern medicine is the disease of severe stomach food. Cixi was old at that time, and the stomach power was still insufficient. In addition, it would naturally have this serious stomach food.In this regard, traditional Chinese medicine believes that blood gas is accumulated in the spleen and stomach, so this is called the disease of blood.

And this disease did look like a pregnancy when the disease occurred, which would cause the patient’s abdomen to swell. Cixi got the disease at the time, and naturally was pregnant by folk rumors.

In fact, Cixi is absolutely impossible to be pregnant, because according to the history books and the court of the court, Cixi is not good for more than two years. If Cixi is pregnant, she is pregnant with Nezha.not producing.

The person who cured Cixi was indeed Xue Fulu, but this Xue Fuchen was not a full -time imperial doctor. In fact, he was the official position.

Xue Fuchen was a good reading since he was a child. He was called a prodigy. He was also proficient in medical books. He belonged to a self -study amateur doctor. The hobbies of the other officials were studying medicine.He was born in a scholar. He was originally worked as a staff member of the Ministry of Industry.During Xue Fuchen Ding’s worries, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom’s rebels overcome Wuxi. Xue Fuchen had to avoid living in Baoying County, northern Jiangsu. At that time, Li Hongzhang led the army to rebel.

After the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom was settled, Xue Fuchen was promoted by Li Hongzhang and was placed in Shandong as a Zhifu. Later, Xue Fushen was appreciated by the governor of Shandong Ding Baozheng and was promoted to Daotai.

Cixi has received the bloody symptoms for more than a year, and the imperial doctor’s multi -party prescribed medicine is helpless. In fact, it is not possible to blame the royal doctor’s hand. The main reason is that the imperial doctors are too conservative, especially for the emperor and the queen queen.The fierce medicine is almost all of the mentality of not seeking meritoriousness but seeking no more, so the medicinal nature of the imperial doctors is too mild, or they are all about the symptoms of Cixi.The condition has not been completely better for almost two years.

So Cixi issued an announcement to find a folk doctor everywhere. Li Hongzhang and Ding Baozheng first recommended Xue Fuchen to Cixi. In this way, Xue Fuchen, who was Daodai, temporarily did the work of the imperial doctor and went to the palace to see Cixi.

Xue Fuchen gave Ci Xi aware of the bloody disease, but he was different from those imperial doctors. He mainly used the medicine to clear the blood and nourish the spleen and stomach, and then increased the dosage of these medicines.It was completely cured for more than half a year.

As Xue Fulu cured Cixi, he became a god doctor in Beijing for a while. Many princes and nobles asked him to see a doctor, and Cixi was also very rich in rewarding him.He was transferred to Yin of Shun Tianfu, and let him stay in Beijing to facilitate care and care for Cixi.

Since then, Xue Fushen has been from politics.Although Xue Fuchen was dominated by politics throughout his life, he used his spare time to compile his lifelong medical skills into a book "Medicine Micro", which can be regarded as inherited his medical skills.

Therefore, Xue Fuchen is not a professional imperial doctor, but an amateur doctor. He did treat Cixi, but it was not a tire but a treatment of blood.The smear eventually formed the story of Cixi pregnancy.

In fact, it has never been broken in the folk to discredit and ugly Cixi in the people, especially since the defeat of the Sino -Japanese War and the failure of the reform reform, the people have become more dissatisfied with Cixi’s signing of bereavement and humiliation and conservative stubbornness.The scandal and scandal, especially in the private life of Cixi, like men’s pets.

In fact, in addition to the stubborn and conservative and the cowardice and incompetence of the powers, Cixi should not have much problem in her life style, just like the eunuch of Cixi, who had rumored Cixi, was a fake eunuch. In fact, it was her.The male pet, then the governor of Shandong Ding Baozheng killed Ande Hai, and was specifically ordered to expose Andehai’s corpse to exposed the corpse for more than a month. The people saw that Andehai was a real eunuch and washed the scandal for Cixi.

The reason why Cixi’s gossip and scandal are very audience in the people, and the spread is very widely spread. The main reason is that her stubborn conservative conservative and funeral and humiliated behaviors have made the people very dissatisfied with her.


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