Why do girls always get pregnant unexpectedly?Is the so -called safe period existing?

Wang Xiaoyun and her boyfriend have always maintained a stable relationship.Due to work reasons, they do not have much communication, and they can only meet in cinemas and restaurants on weekends.

The sexual life between them has always been very healthy. Two people use condoms every time, or they count on the period in the safe period, but during a play, Wang Xiaoyun was pregnant, which completely disrupted her original planning.Her life made her have to think about what is the "safe period".

What does the "safety period" mean?This problem has always troubled Wang Xiaoyun.She heard many people say that as long as the time is calculated, she doesn’t have to worry about accidental pregnancy, and she wants to believe in such a statement, but when she is really pregnant, she discovers that the real "safe period" does not exist.

Her boyfriend was not surprised when she heard the news, and expressed his willingness to be responsible for raising her children with her.However, Wang Xiaoyun is not so easy to accept this.Because she felt that this was not her expectation, she chose an abortion!

For a long time, she did not take her pregnancy in heart, but continued to be with her boyfriend, either using a condom or time!

Unfortunately, she accidentally became pregnant again.She began to be anxious, and she couldn’t solve this problem. Many friends advised her to give birth to her child, but she had no confidence.

So she decided to go to the hospital for abortion surgery.This process was very painful for her. She felt that she was a sinner. Her boyfriend accompanied her to the hospital, silently supporting her, and helping her through this difficulty.

These two experiences are deeply engraved in Wang Xiaoyun’s heart.She deeply realized that the so -called "safety period" was largely misunderstanding.She also found that abortion surgery has a great impact on her body and psychology.

In this experience, we see the real situation of women’s safety period.The safety period is not equal to 100 % contraception, and it is not a method that can fully protect women.

In sexual life, women must have more protection measures to maintain health and avoid the possibility of accidental pregnancy.

Now Wang Xiaoyun and her boyfriend are married and have their own children.Although this child has been delivered prematurely, it still does not affect their preference for this child!This experience deeply affected Wang Xiaoyun, but also made her stronger and brave face to face the future.

She hopes that her story can remind more women to maintain the correct concept of sexual life and strengthen their attention to health. At the same time, more men also treat women’s body and health seriously!

Wang Xiaoyun’s story reminds us that both men or women must be careful in sexual life to correctly understand all the contraceptive methods.For women, it is not a way to know a safe period, nor is it an absolutely reliable standard.Remember, it is important to protect your body and life.

First, we need to see the risks and challenges faced by women in sex.For women, sex is a private and sensitive field. The physical and psychological pressure that may face sexual behavior may be very high, including the risk of menstruation and pregnancy.Therefore, in this story, we found that Wang Xiaoyun’s misunderstanding of the safe period and the neglect of her health caused her unnecessary risk.

Second, do not ignore the importance of using contraceptive measures for men and women.Men are not less risky than women.Men should also attach great importance to preventing accidents in sexual behavior, respect women, responsiblely invest in mood and attention in sexual behavior, and have no negligence on contraceptive measures.Regardless of the use of condoms or contraceptives, men’s responsibility is also very important.

Third, in sexual behavior, we also need to emphasize communication and understanding.To understand each other from more perspective, to show that your meaning and purpose will be more conducive to proper control and management behavior, and avoid adverse consequences.In the long run, these experiences can help strengthen the trust and understanding of the two people, and maintain good feelings.

In addition, in this story, Wang Xiaoyun’s misunderstanding of the safe period is not a new problem for many women.This shows that we need more education and publicity to strengthen women’s awareness and health concepts.We need to work together, especially to support women, and let ourselves understand the importance of our body and safety methods.

In short, education and propaganda are very important for helping people understand how good control.Although the methods and means of preventing accidental pregnancy are constantly evolving and improving, this does not mean that we can relax and relax in sexual behavior, and we should also increase our understanding and attention to health.We need to really attach importance to protection and health, protect our bodies and will, while establishing a good economic and social environment, thereby creating a sustainable and equal sex culture.

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