Why do goose eggs eat few people?There are also few goose eggs?I just knew that I really got up my knowledge

I remember when I was pregnant, my parents bought a few goose eggs in their hometown.The goose eggs are large, the palms are large, and the price is not cheap. A goose egg costs 20 yuan.The elders say that eating some goose eggs in the later stages of pregnancy can remove fetal poison. After the fetus is born, there will be no skin problems, and the skin that is born with white and tender skin is particularly beautiful.In the second trimester, I would eat a goose egg in a few days.The goose eggs are very large. It will be very much larger than the eggs. If it takes a long time to cook, it will take a long time, so we will use it directly to eat it.Add some soy sauce to the frying goose eggs, and the taste is also particularly good.

Goose eggs are very nutritious, but in our lives, they are not common, and there are very few people who eat. The key is that there are not many people who sell them. They all have to sell well -known talents.Goose eggs are not common, but goose meat is loved by everyone.The taste of goose meat is tender than duck meat, and the goose meat cooked with a large pot is very fresh. Add some ginger inside.EssenceEspecially in cold weather, several family members eat goose meat together, full of happiness.

There are relatively many people who eat goose meat, because the taste of goose meat is much better than duck meat, but there are fewer people eating goose eggs. Why is this?Let’s take a look together.

The nutrition and role of goose eggs:

Goose eggs are rich in nutrients, especially protein, fat and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins. There are rich lecithin, as well as a variety of amino acids and vitamins that are beneficial to our body.In normal words, we eat some goose eggs properly. It is also very beneficial to the body, especially the pregnant women we just said, eating some goose eggs appropriately, have the benefits of removing fetal poison, and it also has a certain benefit of health and nourishment.The nutritional ingredients in goose eggs are also easily digested and absorbed by us. If you eat frequently, it also has certain benefits to the improvement of physical immunity.

1. High cost of breeding

Although goose eggs say that nutrition is so high, why is it very rare in our lives?The main reason is that the goose eggs have a long period of reproduction. If there is a goose at home, it is generally just to eat goose meat, because if it is to raise a goose egg, it will have a long time.For a long time, there are many feeds and high costs.And human goose meat is very low, it is not like chickens, it can produce several eggs in a year.If you have a goose at home, if you want to lay eggs, you need to raise one year or more than one year before you can start eggs.The cost of breeding will be much higher, and many people are unwilling to raise.There are fewer people breeding, so that the goose eggs are rarely seen in the market.

2. Replace a lot of products

There are a lot of products for goose eggs. Like we are indispensable for eggs every day, because the price of eggs is very cheap. A pound of eggs can eat several meals.If you eat goose eggs, the price is relatively expensive.A goose egg is at least 20 yuan, and most people will not buy it back to eat, and the taste of the eggs is much better than the goose eggs; the goose eggs are relatively large, which will be relatively fishy, and many people don’t like to eat.

3. Poor taste

The goose egg we just said is very large, and it is inconvenient to deal with it.If we usually cook eggs, put the eggs in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for 10 minutes to cook, but it takes at least 20 minutes if the goose eggs are cooked.The goose eggs are not as delicious as the eggs, which will be relatively fishy, firewood.If you usually eat goose eggs, we recommend fried directly, because after fried goose eggs out of the pan, it will taste fresh and no fishy smell, so that everyone will like to eat it.

The above is the main reason why goose eggs in the market. If you think today’s article is helpful to you, it is recommended to help forward or share with more people.

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