Why do people reflect water?

Have you ever had a situation of "anti -acid water"?Especially after dinner, it is even more serious. Why is this?Where did "sour water" come from?

Why does 01 people reflect acid water?

We all know that there is stomach acid in the stomach. Stomach acid is from the stomach, passing through the esophagus, flowing to the oral and pharyngeal, and the process of feeling acidic substances in the mouth is "anti -acid water"; it occurs more than one hour after meals.

There are many reasons for anti -acid reflux. It is mainly the insufficiency of the cardia and the gastric dysfunction against the creep, which causes gastric juice to flow to the oral cavity. It is a common disease in the digestive department.

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There are two types of anti -acid -physiological acid reflux and pathological acid reflux.

The production of physiological acid reflux is mostly because of great mental stress, poor mood and exhaustion.

Pathological acid reflux is mostly caused by abnormal esophageal power, abnormal esophageal anatomy, abnormal gastric dysfunction, excessive gastric acid, abnormal gastric dynamic abnormalities, and functional indigestion.

02 Under what circumstances is easy to reflect acid, what are the symptoms?

The typical symptom of acid reflux is that the contents of the gastric duodenum flow to the oral cavity through the esophagus, and the mouth feels acidic substances, often accompanied by heartburne; some people can manifest as the esophageal foreign body sensor, esophageal pain, etc.When the waist and flat are lying.

It is also easy to reflect the acid when eating sweets, greasy foods, high -fat dietary diet, chocolate, coffee, strong tea, after drinking, and emotional excitement.

Long -term acid reflux can also show difficulty swallowing. If the acid reflux damage the throat or inhale the lungs, the sound of hoarseness, chronic cough, and even asthma may occur.

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03 What are the crowds of Yifa?

People with the following diseases are prone to reflux: chronic gastritis, gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers, and reflux esophagitis.

In addition, people who eat high -sugar and high -fat foods for a long time, people who are pregnant, obesity, ascites, or people with esophageal dynamic disorders, such as slow cardia, poor eating habits, and people who lie down immediately after eating.It is also prone to acid reflux.

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04 How to treat the corresponding symptoms?

When these symptoms appear, first of all, through lifestyle intervention, improve bad living habits, quit smoking, quit alcohol; try to avoid sweets, strong tea and coffee.

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In addition, the treatment of acidic acid including drug treatment and surgical treatment.

medical treatement

Including acidic suppression, anti -acid drugs, and promoting gastrointestinal power.At present, the most commonly used PPI inhibitors, including Omeprazole, Rebitzole, Petoprazole, etc.

Surgical treatment

Mainly undergoing laparoscopic stomach folding.

What are the preventive measures often on 05?

○ It is recommended to control weight, quit smoking and alcohol, avoid coffee, strong tea, avoid chocolate, cocoa, eat less high -fat diet to avoid sweets;

○ Avoid eating foods such as sweet potatoes, potatoes and other starch;

○ It is recommended to move appropriately after a meal, such as washing dishes or walking, as much as possible after the meal. Keep your body stand upright within two hours after meals. Do not lie down after eating

○ Avoid eating water three hours before bedtime. Going to sleep at night can make the position of the head and shoulders slightly higher;

○ In addition, maintaining a comfortable mood can also relieve the symptoms of acid reflux.

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