Why do people snoring?Scientist: This is important to newborns

Some people think that snoring is annoying, but scientists have found that snoring plays a vital role in human development.According to CNN reports on November 12, a new study published in "Clinical Neurology" pointed out that hiccups can help babies learn to control breathing.

Newborns often snoring.Even when the pregnant woman was pregnant for 9 weeks, the fetus began to snoring, which can be said to be one of the earliest physical activity models established by people.And premature babies are snoring for about 15 minutes every day.Researchers at the University of London (UCL) monitored 13 newborns and found that snoring would cause a large wave of signals in the brain of the newborn, and these signals and body reactions can help them grow and develop.

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"When we were born, the circuit that handled the body and perception was not fully developed. The establishment of this circuit system was a key milestone of the newborn development." The research author Lorenzo Fabrizi wasA statement states that the brain activity caused by snoring can help babies "learn how to monitor muscles responsible for breathing," and finally form the ability to automatically control breathing.

The chief authors of the study, Kimberley White, told CNN that it was a lot of muscle contraction caused by a hiccup.For the development of the brain, this is a good thing, "because this sudden large wave of signal input helps to control the brain cells in the specific body parts to cooperate together."

Studies say that when snoring, diaphragm contraction will form three brain waves.The third brain waves are similar to the response caused by the human body to an external "noise".Babies can connect the sound of snoring with their body muscles in the third brain waves.This input involving a variety of sensations and perception is very important for brain development.

Babies involved in the study are children born from 30 to 42 weeks of pregnancy.Therefore, scientists believe that this should be a typical development phenomenon of late pregnancy.For adults, I did not find that snoring can have any benefits. This is probably a kind of body reaction left by our early life. "

The same group of researchers also previously proposed a theory: the child kicking in his mother’s belly can help them draw the "brain map" about their bodies.The discovery of hiccups this time shows that this "map drawing" and the establishment of circuit are also conducting within the child’s own body.

Red Star News reporter Jiang Yijin Lin Rong compiled

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