Why do pregnant women get pregnant?

Many pregnant mothers discovered that after pregnancy, not only had freckles on their faces, but even the neck, underarms, abdomen, and even private parts had spots. Why did they grow spots during pregnancy?Will these stains fade?Let’s understand what is going on during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the skin becomes black, which is mainly affected by hormone changes in the body.The changes in hormones in the body during pregnancy have enhanced the mobility of melanocytes, so the phenomenon of melanin precipitation is prone to occur.

At the same time, during the pregnancy, because of the changes in melanin, the moles on the body will become more and the color will be deeper. Even the part of no mole before pregnancy may occur.

Pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much.Postpartum hormones return to normal, and naturally it will recover.As long as pregnant mothers pay attention to their own diet and schedule, pay attention to sun protection, and maintain the joy of mood is the most beautiful.However, if you give a strong sunlight at this time, those freckles will be fixed and become real freckles.

How to prevent spots during pregnancy:

1. Do a good job of cleaning the face, and do not use the skin of the face skin.

2. Properly rub the skin to allow the blood circulation on the face and prevent melanin from precipitating, which can prevent long spots.

3. Eat more foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and protein. All kinds of fresh vegetables are rich in vitamin C. They have the effects of fading pigmentation. The vegetables represented by vegetables include tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, cauliflower and so on.Vitamin C in kiwi can interfere with the formation of melanin, prevent melanin, and keep skin fair.But not all pregnant mothers are suitable. For pregnant women with cold spleen and stomach, kiwi should not eat more, otherwise it is easy to diarrhea.Eat less greasy, spicy, sticky foods, avoid tobacco and alcohol, and do not drink strong coffee.

4. Everyone has heard of sleeping beauty when developing a good schedule. It is conceivable that sleeping is actually a beauty method.

5. Pigmentation of nipples, areola and underarms is difficult to prevent.However, the color spots, freckles, and pregnancy -induced liver spots caused by the influence of ultraviolet rays. If you pay attention to sunscreen, you can prevent the color of the spots from darker to a certain extent.When going out, you should wear a hat or umbrella to prevent the sun from directly illuminating, apply sunscreen or use sunscreen with cosmetics to block ultraviolet rays.The effect of sunscreen cosmetics blocks ultraviolet rays, that is, the higher the SPF value, the better the effect, but the higher the SPF value, the stronger the irritation, and it is easy to cause the skin to dry.Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers choose sunscreen products with a lower SPF value and less irritating. As long as it is repeated, it will have a good sunscreen effect.Try not to expose to the sun and take sunscreen measures.

6. Pay attention to avoid mosquito bite during pregnancy. On the one hand, it can prevent discomfort to the skin. On the other hand, mosquitoes can spread viruses and may cause damage to the fetus.

7. Do not use cosmetics casually during pregnancy. Do not use it if it is better. Not only is it bad for the skin, it is also dangerous to the development of the fetus.

8. Drink plenty of water and not eat spicy foods. Pay attention to dietary problems to avoid skin problems caused by improper diet.

Then, if these prevention work is not done well, it has begun to grow, then you should try the following response.

1. Commonly use cold water and hot water to wash your face alternately to speed up blood circulation, which can decompose melanin and play a role in freckle.

2. Eat more foods containing vitamins, which is very good for freckle removal.

3. The long spots during pregnancy generally wait until the breastfeeding period, the estrogen is returning to normal, and the spots will automatically fade slowly, so pregnant women do not need to be too nervous.

According to the above prompts, the pregnant mothers who love beauty have done a good job of love for beauty from prevention.

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