Why do pregnant women walk more?The benefits of 4 pregnancy walking are attached to the demonstration of 3 major errors

I believe everyone often hear people say that pregnant women need to walk more. Why should pregnant women walk more?In fact, this is related to many mothers who are not familiar with the corresponding exercise before pregnancy.

In the case of not being familiar with other exercise, if you want to exercise during pregnancy, it will have a certain degree of difficulty, which is why pregnant women have to walk more.

Is it only because of this reason for pregnant women to walk?The following Miya uses the 4 major benefits of walking in pregnant women. Take the 3 major precautions with pregnant women to take everyone to understand!

Why do pregnant women walk more?Let’s understand the benefits of walking during pregnancy together

Mummy usually pays special attention to physical conditions, diet, and activities after pregnancy. "Why do pregnant women walk more?" This issue also made many moms very curious.Intersection

Pregnant women’s walking is a more mild pregnant woman’s movement, and the strength can be adjusted by their own conditions, and it is not easy to bring too much pressure to mummy, which will help improve immunity!For the mother, the decrease in immunity is derived from the changes in hormones and used to adapt to the formation of the fetus.Walking on pregnant women can help mommy improve the following conditions and advance to improving immunity: improve the body’s metabolism and blood circulation activity to relieve emotional mood during pregnancy to improve mommy’s appetite, help strengthen nutritional intake

Why do pregnant women walk more?For novice Mummy for the first pregnancy, the childbirth condition is usually difficult to imagine and simulate. Therefore, the obstetrics and gynecologists usually recommend that Mommy practice the Kiger movement to be familiar with the application of the lower body muscles and pelvis. In fact, walking is a help.The way to give birth!

Pregnant women’s walking helps to produce three reasons for production requires stable muscle endurance. Through walking training, the muscle endurance walking exercise of the lower body can be used with anal lifting exercises to help moms familiarize with pelvic use of the pelvic use.Law

As the baby grows older and bigger in the uterus, the weight of Mommy will also increase day by day, but it will be far more than that during pregnancy. Many mummy has soared due to hormonal disorders and excessive diet.One of the reasons for walking is that maintaining a stable walking habit during pregnancy can help moms move to move bones, consume calories, help control weight, and avoid pregnancy problems caused by excessive weight!

The impact of excessive weight of pregnant mothers and heavy weights caused by the three highs to form a gestational diabetes and the body burden too much. It is difficult to metabolize when the lower body is childbirth.

The human body secretes a substance called endorphin, and pregnant women will also secrete the endorphin. It can relieve tension and anxiety, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality.It can also affect emotions and bring happiness, and the whole person will be more relaxed.

Pay attention to the walking posture of pregnant women to avoid these 3 major NG walking postures

When we understand the benefits of pregnant women’s walking, we understand why pregnant women walk more.But do mommy know?There are many benefits for pregnant women, but there are still many eyebrows that you don’t know!If the pregnant woman walks incorrectly, it may also cause the burden of mummy’s body.The following Qini will introduce 3 major NG pregnant women to walk posture, take Mommy to check the current situation of her own, and re -grasp the correct posture!

After pregnancy, as the belly is getting larger and larger, the pelvic ligament will be stretched with relaxation during pregnancy, allowing the baby to grow more space in the belly, and it can also facilitate the future delivery.However, it is also easy to cause the body’s center of gravity to move forward. Not only is it easy to dump forward, but it also has a heavy burden on the legs and spine. Such a pregnant woman’s walking posture will also affect the stability of the pubic bone (on both sides of the crotch).It is easy to pain in the lower pain, making it difficult for the thighs.

After the center of gravity moves, some pregnant women are unwilling to maintain such postures. Therefore, they raised their upper body and put their hands on the waist to support them.Such a pregnant woman walking posture is very common, but in fact, excessive pulling backwards can easily make the upper body muscles unbearable, and even easily strain the neck and back muscles.

In the late pregnancy, because of the influence of the pregnancy belly, she blocked the front of the toes. Because she was afraid of falling, the pregnant woman’s walking posture was habitual and bowed their heads. This NG posture should also be avoided.If you are used to bowing your head when walking, it is easy to make moms develop a bad posture of humpback, and it is easier to aggravate physical fatigue. It also causes the body’s balance to become worse and worse, but it is not conducive to daily life.

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