Why do stomach swell in early pregnancy? How to solve abdominal distension during pregnancy

We all know that women have been very hard during the whole period of pregnancy. Some hormones in the early stages of pregnancy will change. However, there will be different early pregnancy reactions, so many women will have stomach pain and nausea and vomiting, especially when pregnancy is pregnantOnce the phenomenon of stomach pain occurs in the early stage, many women are always worried about it, fearing caused by threatening abortion. Let ’s take a look at what is going on in the early stages of pregnancy.

1. Why does the stomach swell in the early pregnancy?

In the early stages of pregnancy, there are generally symptoms of bloating, such as frequent heart and vomiting, frequent and fatigue. This is a normal pregnancy reaction. It will gradually improve at the end of 3 months. During this period, the diet should be light and easy to digest.Massage increases gastrointestinal motility, and eating less bean products will slowly.It may be flatulence. You can eat a little bit of qi, such as radish, not very tight.Then, eat some coarse grains in appropriate amount to keep the stool unobstructed.During pregnancy, it is best to maintain the laws of life, sufficient sleep, supplement rich nutrition, and moderate exercise.

The level of progesterone in the body during pregnancy is relatively high, which can cause slow gastrointestinal motility and cause symptoms such as bloating and constipation.It is not suitable to stay up late during pregnancy. Pay attention to rest. Pay attention to folic acid during early pregnancy to prevent fetal nerve tube deformities.As long as there is no stomachache, if there is no bleeding, this is fine.When I was pregnant, the uterus and the pregnancy sac are increasing, and there will be a sense of swelling. In the two months of pregnancy, the first birth checkup can be performed. After four months of pregnancy, you can make it appropriately.Calcium, 16 weeks to 20 weeks of pregnancy, do Tang’s screening. This is a congenital fool to screen the fetus.

In addition, it is necessary to prevent virus infections, prevent toxoplasma infections (far away from pets), avoid medication, do not drink alcohol, smoke, and stay away from a toxic and harmful operating environment.

The above is the introduction of what is going on in the early pregnancy bloating. After understanding, we know that there are many reasons for this phenomenon. You must be adjusted in time after you check this symptom.Be sure to avoid severe exercise, and at the same time, the same room must be avoided between husband and wife

2. How to solve the problem of bloating in the early pregnancy

1. A small amount of meals -help the stomach digestive speed.

To effectively relieve flatulence, you must start with your diet first.If the pregnant woman feels flatulence, and eats a lot of food, it will increase the burden on gastrointestinal digestion and make the flatulence more powerful.Therefore, pregnant women may wish to change from the habit of eating three meals a day to six to eight meals a day, and eat for each meal.Pay attention not to eat too many types of food at each meal, and it is not advisable to eat too much liquid food, because the liquid is not necessarily digestible.Conversely, pregnant women can choose semi -solid foods such as wheat skin.

2. Develop daily bowel habits

Eat more vegetables and fruits high -fiber food to promote gastrointestinal motility.

3. Proper exercise -through muscle activity of the whole body or waist, it can promote intestinal peristalsis.

Doing appropriate exercise during pregnancy, such as walking, can also promote intestinal peristalsis and relieve flatulence.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women can take about 20 minutes to walk outside 30 minutes to one hour after meals to help bowel movements and exhaust.Note that those who have impact or need to run too intense are not suitable.

4. Take a purple Su Drink

Take an appropriate amount of perilla leaves and boil. The weight and proportion are not limited.You can also use orange red "Fresh Orange Peel" instead of perilla.

5. Supplement enough water

Drink water before breakfast and take at least 2,000c.c. water a day.You can also add a little honey to the water to prevent dry stool, but the principle is based on a small amount

3. Is the stomach bloating and fart in early pregnancy? Is it normal?

After pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels, gastrointestinal peristalsis can be caused, causing flatulence, constipation, etc.The fiber content in the diet should be added. Do not be too fine for the staple food. Eat some coarse grains and vegetables appropriately.Don’t stay in bed for too long, appropriate activity.Don’t worry too much.

Pregnant mothers can eat this type of food in the early stages of pregnancy:

1. Food with high protein content

Boil eggs, meat (the best way to cook or stew with water), deep -sea fish (steamed, boiled better), try not to use greasy methods such as fried and braised.The protein content of milk is very high. It is a very good nutritional food in the early days of pregnancy. If the expectant mother does not like to drink milk, you can drink yogurt before pregnancy, or eat milk, cheese, etc. You can also use ice cream instead of milk, but pay attention to pay attention, Try to eat less cold food.

2. Vegetables

Precautions for pregnancy are all good choices, especially green leafy vegetables, because the content of folic acid in green leafy vegetables is high, expectant mothers know that the appropriate amount of folic acid should be supplemented in the early stages of pregnancy, which can prevent infant tube deformity.The practice of vegetables should also be boiled, stir -fried, cold, etc.

3. Fruits

During the development of fruit fetuses, vitamins need to participate in cell synthesis.Although eggs, milk, beans.There are many vitamins in vegetables, but they are easy to dissolve in water, and they often lose a lot of loss during cooking.Fruit can be washed and eaten.This avoids the loss of vitamin during heating.So pregnant mothers eat some fruits, especially fresh fruits.It is very beneficial to supplementing itself and fetal demand for vitamins.

Fourth, to alleviate the bloating in the early pregnancy, what to do

method 1.A small amount of meals

It is the first priority to effectively relieve flatulence and change the habit of diet.If the expectant mother has felt flatulence, but she still supplements and eats a lot of food. Under the burden of increasing gastrointestinal digestion, it will only make flatulence more serious.Dr. Cheng Yanpei suggested that expectant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy can use a small amount of meals to eat. Every time you eat, remember not to eat too much, you can effectively reduce the feeling of abdominal fullness. Pregnant women may wish to get the habit of three meals a day.Change to eat six to eight meals a day to reduce the amount of each meal. In addition to controlling protein and fat intake, adding some garlic and ginger slices during cooking can also reduce the production of bloating gases.

Method 2.Chew slowly

When eating, you should keep chewing slowly, do not speak when eating, avoid sucking drinks with a straw, do not often contain sour plums, or chewing gum, etc., you can avoid unnecessary too much gas to enter the abdomen.

Method 3.Cellulose to be supplemented

Pregnant women can eat more foods rich in cellulose, such as vegetables, fruits and foods rich in cellulose. Vegetables such as white bamboo shoots, leek, spinach, celery, loofah, lotus root, radish, etc. are rich in dietary fiber;With persimmons, apples, bananas, kiwi, etc., there are many cellulose.Cellulose can help intestinal peristalsis.Although liquid foods are easy to eat, they are not necessarily digestible, so pregnant women can choose semi -solid food.

Method 4.Avoid gas production

Dr. Cheng Yanpei also pointed out that if there is a serious gastric acid inverse situation, sweet food should be avoided, mainly light food, and can eat soda biscuits, high -fiber biscuits and other neutralized gastric acid.When the flatulence is serious, it should be avoided to eat foods that are easy to produce, such as beans, eggs and products, fried foods, potatoes, etc., too sweet or too sour foods, spicy foods, etc.

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