Why do women do vaginal B -ultrasound?4 common inspection questions, this article answers one time

A commonly common type of inspection items, especially when women do gynecological examination, can solve the attachment of the uterine through the B -ultrasound, so that doctors can judge.In gynecological examinations, B -ultrasound is divided into abdominal B -ultrasound and vaginal B ultrasound. After many women are pregnant, doctors will recommend doing vaginal B -ultrasound. This makes them strange.IntersectionIn fact, the vaginal B -ultrasound can know the situation more clearly in the early pregnancy.

The vaginal B ultrasound is mainly to put the ultrasonic probe on the condom and go deep into the vagina to check the uterine accessories. During the examination, only the cervical outer mouth will be touched, and it will not enter the uterine cavity.As the position of the probe is closer to the uterus and ovaries, the bladder interference can be excluded, the test results obtained are more accurate.

It is more important to diagnose the position of the pregnancy sac in early pregnancy. If the gestational sac is not in the palace outside the palace, it will cause danger. At this time, the gestational sac position can be clearly defined through the vaginal B ultrasound, and the number of embryos can be clearly defined.In addition, because the ultrasonic probe is close to the uterus, it can better know the development of the embryo germ and evaluate the state of the embryo.

Many women are most concerned about whether the vaginal B -ultrasound will affect the fetus in the early pregnancy. In fact, the B -ultrasound is mainly checked through the ultrasonic probe. It has no ionization radiation. It does not hurt the body tissue and will not affect the embryo.Making B -ultrasound is safer to embryo. The vaginal B -ultrasound is mainly to get closer to the part and obtain a clearer image, and there is no report that vaginal B -ultrasound will affect the embryo at present.

1. Time is correct

Generally, vaginal B -ultrasound is the most suitable in about 50 days of pregnancy. At this time, the vaginal B ultrasound can know the state of the gestational sac and embryo development in detail.

2. No need to urinate

Because the vaginal B -ultrasound enters the vagina directly, it will not be affected by the bladder, so there is no need to urinate.

3. Relax body and mind

Do not be too nervous during examination, let your body tight, relax your body and mind with your doctor to check quickly.

In the early pregnancy test, it is very important. Women must be cautious, especially vaginal B -ultrasound. By examination, you can know embryo development. Therefore, inspection under the guidance of a doctor can ensure safety and understand the situation.If you feel unwell after checking, you only need to rest more, do not give yourself too much psychological pressure.In addition, if a woman with inflammation or other problems cannot be used as a vaginal B -ultrasound, you can choose other examinations under the guidance of a doctor, such as B -ultrasound.

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