Why do women have back pain after giving birth to a child?

Back pain, a disease that plagues thousands of women, can’t treat repeatedly?The older the age, the more frequent back pain?The back of the back is painful, can’t stand up, can’t walk?Regarding low back pain, these 7 suggestions are given to friends in need, hoping to help you on the road of processed back pain.

01 Find back pain and first evil

The production of back pain is related to skeletal derivation, muscle -based, or neuroded/vascular source.Skeletal -derived first touch physiological calcium deficiency, changes in physiological curvature during pregnancy, and (or) sacroiliac joint disorders; muscle derivatives include damage to the waist and back muscles, weak abdominal muscle strength, poor long -term posture, and lack of exercise related to exercise.; Neur/vascular derivatives are related to postpartum, incomparable qi and blood, or poor uterine recovery.Only by finding the first evil of back pain can we fundamentally relieve back pain.

02 Pay attention to low back pain during pregnancy

Some discussions indicate that compared with mothers with a history of back pain during pregnancy, compared with mothers without a history of back pain during pregnancy, the share of back pain after giving birth is 48.9%and 22.8%.Therefore, women with back pain during pregnancy should actively prevent back pain after birth after giving birth.

03 Do not ignore the abdominal rectus separation

Patients with unqualified abdominal muscles are often poor in abdominal muscles. In order to maintain the body’s balance, posture and activity in order to maintain the body’s balance, posture, and activity, the waist and back muscles will be excessively compensated.Women with unlawful abdominal muscles should be processed as soon as possible to relieve or prevent back pain.

04 Caesarean section should be cautious

A number of discussions indicate that the incidence of back pain after gardening of cesarean section is higher than vaginal delivery. This may be related to anesthesia, or it may be related to the damage of the lower and abdomen of the cesarean section.Back muscle strain causes back pain.

05 care of the basin health of the basin

Patients with pelvic organs and slow pelvic pain are mostly manifested as lumbar and back pain, lumbosacral soreness.The bottom muscles, abdominal muscles, and waist and back muscles are all core muscle groups. Potting bottom muscles have fallen or excessive activity.Pelvis such as lax and pelvic rotation may also cause back pain.Keeping the bottom of the basin can improve low back pain to a certain extent.

06 Do not miss postpartum recovery

Is it normal to have back pain after giving birth?Back pain will recover by itself?The occurrence of back pain is related to various factors, and postpartum repair should be active. If you do not pay attention to low back pain, let it go. Once you develop to slow back pain, low back pain may follow for life.

07 Analgesic and abdominal core muscle group enhancement of the left and right bows

The use of low -frequency electricity affects the analgesic (sticked the electrode tablet on both sides of the pain area) while strengthening the power of the core muscle group of the abdomen (two pairs of electrode tablets should be affixed to 2cm above the anterior iliac spineLow back pain caused by sex.

The movie sounds the back pain after the following ways:

1) Erotic excessive stretching of the waist and back muscle group, eliminate severe local muscles, relax the waist and back muscles, and relieve pain;

2) After the influence of the cycle changes, activate sensory fiber, promote the release of endogenous opioids, and reduce pain;

3) Enhance the core muscle group of the abdomen, correct the rectus muscle damage caused by pregnancy, improve the excitement of the abdominal muscles, and promote the correction of muscle, fascia, ligament and skin elasticity;

4) Collect the waist and back muscle signal to guide the patient’s waist and back muscle relaxation training, so that patients will consciously reduce the core muscle group, enhance the central control of the center of the center, and promote the recovery of the body.

In addition, the treatment of back pain in the skeletal and neurogenic/vascularity of the nerve/blood vessels can fundamentally relieve or cure low back pain.

Treatment of back pain as soon as possible to make the back and back of the back.

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