Why do women recommend not to be killed easily after the first pregnancy?These reasons tell the truth

For today’s society, some women choose to kill their children after unexpected pregnancy. They may think that it is not the best time to ask for a child, or unmarried first, so you have to choose to kill it.child.Recently, a mother in Bao Ma group said that her previous experience was also a thing that made himself difficult to release for a long time. When this Baoma said that she was more or not, she was killed after accidents.Cheng family, with her husband and their own children, but the incident at the time was still like a thorn in my heart, which was deeply tied. Maybe this life would be unable to feel at ease, and this matter, Baoma said that she did not have her own with her own.Husband mentioned it, after all, it is not a glorious thing, so you can only talk about it in the group.In fact, as people’s ideas are gradually open today, many people think that abortion after pregnancy is a very common thing, and there are often many gossip.Children seem to be an easy thing.Then, why do women recommend not to kill their children easily after the first pregnancy, and these reasons say something, and women must pay attention to it.

1. It may be the shadow of my life, and there will be great hidden dangers for future family life

Just like what the Bao mother mentioned above happened to herself, regardless of the consequences when she was young, how big to choose to kill the child directly.However, some women were still very indifferent when they received surgery in the hospital, but when the surgery was over, the scars had already been imprinted at that time, and they would think from time to time.Many times forced yourself not to think about it, but it will inevitably think more and more, and it is difficult to release.And this matter, for many women, not only will it cause the shadow of a lifetime for psychology, but it also has great hidden dangers for subsequent family life. In fact, for many women, the first man who has been born for his fetus for the first time is for the first time.It may not be the one who lives together in the future, so many women start a new life after meeting their husbands, but not a few men can accept their wife’s energy.Nice, maybe most men can accept other people who live in the house, but they will never accept the house where the dead people live. Once the husband knows this kind of past, there will be many in the process of getting along in the future.Suddenly, the future life life is also difficult to be happy.

Once the child is easily killed after the first pregnancy, this concept of randomness is very casual in the future. Some women may have a few tires, mayThen naturally I feel that tires are a very casual thing. This kind of ignoring life is not desirable to practice their physical practice. Previously, there was a news that a woman had had seven abortion surgery. At that timeDoctors also advise why they did not take contraceptive measures, and the woman instead believed that she was uncomfortable, and she had a fetus when she was pregnant. It had been hit so many times anyway. Naturally, it had nothing to do with it.

2. The damage to the body is very large, and it will also cause various gynecological diseases, which will even cause infertility

In fact, when many women are relatively young, they have unexpected pregnancy, because they have no money and cannot tell their family, they can only choose to go to some unconventional hospitals for miscarriage, which is a great harm for the body, And afterwards, it may leave sequelae, causing various gynecological diseases. Of course, many women have killed their children after the first pregnancy, which causes infertility.Essence

So anyway, I hope that every woman can love themselves well, especially when you cherish your body. After all, you need to know that your wayward will make you pay a heavy price.

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