Why do you get fat during pregnancy, don’t put the "pot" on the fetus, your body is your own

It is said that every time I see the star official, I am pregnant to give birth to a child, and the figure is no different from before pregnancy, let alone how envious is it.As an ordinary person, we do n’t say that we do n’t say that we get two me, at least about 20 pounds.

I remember that when I was pregnant with Dabao, I got 30 pounds. Even after giving birth to a child, I did not lose weight alone.Until Dabao still didn’t lose weight at the age of 3, it seemed that he had a steady weight and refused to bow his head.

Many mothers blame pregnancy and getting fat on their pregnancy.But in fact, getting fat during pregnancy has little to do with the fetus. Otherwise, you see those stars are also pregnant. Why do people only get fat and not gain weight?Today, let’s talk about why you get fat during pregnancy and how to make the fetus that can make the fetus better and not gain weight.

Before I was pregnant, I was a body that was not fat or thin. It belonged to the type that was thin if I didn’t eat it. If I ate too much, I had a kind of meat.Because I am not pregnant, I usually pay more attention to diet, and I have exercise and eat according to volume.

After pregnancy, because the fetus is worried about the lack of nutrition and the old mother, the mother is often stubborn "one person eats, the two make up, where you don’t eat the nutrition of the fetus, where is the bigger and the resistance is born."As a result, since I learned that I could n’t eat it, I had to eat it. If I wanted to eat it, I would eat it at any time. I kept eating and eating during pregnancy. I lost 90 pounds before pregnancy and once soared to 120 pounds.

I thought that the nutrition and food I was eating was that the baby wanted to eat it, so I didn’t control it. After I knew that after the baby was born, my weight was stable at about 120 pounds.The 30 pounds I ate more during pregnancy are all in myself. I am pregnant with a small cotton jacket and 30 pounds of fat.

Looking at my bloated figure and clothes that can’t be worn in, I feel that I have been pitted by myself. Who said that I ate it for my baby during pregnancy.Now that my baby is 3 years old, the fat on my body has not been dropped, because it is difficult to reduce the child, it is difficult to reduce, and there is no time to reduce.

This is my personal experience that I do n’t know how to manage the management during pregnancy. I take this opportunity to share it with the pregnant mothers: there is no need to eat and eat for the baby for the baby during pregnancy., But that you are absorbing, it is really important to know how to control your diet reasonably during pregnancy.

Star pregnancy is like a fan of our ordinary point: the front foot is presented to the pregnancy, and the back foot is about to give birth; the pregnancy except the obvious belly, it is not obvious;If it wasn’t for a child, I really wondered if they were pregnant with a "fake pregnancy".In fact, the stars are so "false" for three reasons.

Stars are pregnant, generally there are specialized people responsible for diet

Stars are not like our ordinary people. They will have people who are responsible for diet to control them to control their diet and ensure their nutritional balance.Essence

They do n’t eat whatever we want to eat, they do n’t know how to control the intake, and they do n’t pick food to supplement nutrition.Whether it is economical or professional, our pregnancy conditions are not as good as celebrities, so it is normal for celebrities to get pregnant with fat belly.

Stars are pregnant, they will also control their bodies

Although the stars are pregnant, they will not lie in bed all day to play mobile phones and watch TV. They will also perform some appropriate exercise during pregnancy.However, this also requires certain economic conditions as the basis, because these exercises need to be carried out under the guidance of professionals, so even during pregnancy, stars will also carry out weight management and body management.

As stars, their constitutions are generally thin

The reason why celebrities become celebrities is that they have a unique body advantage (such as Angelababy that is born with a type that is not fatter), and the other is that they have enough financial ability to help them help themselves not affect fetal development.Manage the figure, coupled with their confinement very professional, so most stars have no different children and before pregnancy.

Although we are not as economic as the stars, we can spend money in all aspects to ask professionals to help control the figure, but as an ordinary person, in fact, it is not so difficult to manage the figure during pregnancy.A key sentence: "Just hold your mouth, just open your legs".So how do you hold your mouth reasonably and open your legs?Let’s share the body management rules when I have a second child.

First: Please rest regularly during pregnancy

Although it is difficult to sleep in the third trimester, it may encounter the situation where insomnia wants to eat in the middle of the night, but after all, the third trimester is only a small stage. Before the third trimester, please ask you to work regularly and try to go to bed early.The benefits of regular schedules are not only good for pregnant mothers and fetuses, but more importantly, regular schedules will make your dietary time more reasonable.

Second: Reasonably arrange diet

If you do n’t have a special person responsible for your diet, then you need to arrange your daily diet for yourself. In addition, do n’t eat more intentions.High calories are for foods with bad health. Do n’t talk to eat it if you want to eat. When you eat it, it ’s more comfortable when you eat. It is really difficult to lose weight for mothers who have a baby with a baby after giving birth.

Third: Reasonable exercise during pregnancy is indispensable

Although we do not have a professional coach to teach us how to train, there is no problem with proper walking.Do n’t lie down every day after dinner. After eating, you can go out for a walk after eating. Not only are you good for your body, you can also breathe fresh and control, and you feel good.

In the middle of pregnancy, it is a relatively comfortable stage. Pregnant mothers can go out to play with their families on weekends. Don’t lie at home all day to eat, drink, and play mobile phones!

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