Why do you have skin problems during pregnancy?These 4 points should be done during pregnancy skin care during pregnancy

Pregnancy is worthy of being happy, and some pregnant women will find that their skin is worse during pregnancy and prone to various skin problems.This makes many pregnant women particularly troublesome. Why does this happen?In fact, it is more common in skin differences during pregnancy, and most of them are related to hormones in their body.To avoid problems with her skin during pregnancy, pregnant women need to do skin care during pregnancy.

Because pregnant women secrete a large amount of emotional and lutein during pregnancy, the emotional vitality can cause the vitality of melanocytes to increase the vitality of the body, and it is easy to cause melanin precipitation in the skin. Therefore, many pregnant women will have a lot of stains during pregnancy.Some pregnant women are prone to dry skin and itching because they are susceptible to water during pregnancy.

Therefore, pregnant women are extremely prone to skin problems during pregnancy. Pregnant women need to strengthen their skin protection during pregnancy and take skin care measures.Yang Yang, deputy chief physician of the outpatient department of the Armed Police Corps Hospital, was interviewed and stated that the estrogen of pregnant women during pregnancy will change, which will cause problems with the skin.Therefore, a reasonable skin care should be done during pregnancy to minimize the damage caused by skin problems.

1. Choose a mild product

During pregnancy, we should pay attention to cleaning the skin of the skin to avoid choosing products with strong cleaning strength. Some mild products can not only help wash the oil on the skin, but also avoid the damage of the skin stratum corneum.

2. Do a good job of hydration

Pregnant women should take hydration during pregnancy, not only to drink plenty of water, but also keep their skin hydrating. After taking a bath every day, you can choose some hydrating products to wipe the skin, which can make the skin more moist.

3. Make sun protection

Because the melanin activity of pregnant women during pregnancy will be relatively high, it is more likely to be illuminated by ultraviolet rays when going out to occur in the ultraviolet rays, and the stains and sunbathing.The sunscreens used by infants and young children will not affect the skin and fetuses of pregnant women.

4. Try to make up as little as possible

There are some pregnant women who often make up before pregnancy, especially those with heavy makeup, but this habit can not be changed after pregnancy, but I do not know that the harmfulness of the frequent makeup is very harmful to the skin, especially the body’s body immune of pregnant women during pregnancy during pregnancy during pregnancy.The force will be reduced, and the skin barrier is easily damaged. If the makeup is frequent, the harmful substances in the cosmetics will hurt the skin and cause skin problems.

In general, pregnant women must take nursing measures in all aspects during pregnancy. They must also pay special attention to the skin. Drink plenty of water and clean the skin. Do not grab it with your hands when itching.Under the guidance of a doctor, use some antipruritic ointment to avoid the skin from being caught by the skin and infection.

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