Why do you rarely send a circle of friends after you are pregnant?

WeChat has now running through all aspects of our lives, studying, working, paying, etc. More and more people use it. Every day, people who can see people who go to work shared their lives, but it seems that after many people are pregnant, many people are pregnant after pregnancy.I don’t like to send a circle of friends. Why is this?After understanding, Xiaobian felt deeply that pregnancy was a big sacrifice for women.

According to the statistics of consulting data, after pregnancy, the reason why expectant mothers do not like to send a circle of friends. The editor summarizes the following points:

01 has not yet passed the "danger period", and it will be announced again

The "dangerous period" mentioned here is actually a superstition of the older generation: I can’t tell others 3 months before pregnancy, fearing that the children are unstable, and they are happy.This is mainly because 3 months before pregnancy, it is easy to cause abortion or embryo to stop developing.It can be understood, but there is no need to worry too much. As long as you pay attention to keeping the fetus and diet during pregnancy and keeping your mood happy, there are basically no problems.

02 The pregnancy response is strong, and you are too busy

Pregnancy reactions generally refer to early pregnancy reactions, which is a general term for women in the early pregnancy due to the elevation of hormone levels in the body.

03 Busy to choose a hospital/file/check -up, no time

Construction and prenatal examination are very important. After discussion, quasi -mothers and family decisions are required to choose a hospital and understand the prenatal examination of the later period until the baby is born.You can usually consult colleagues, friends or family members with experience in giving birth to get valuable experience from them.

04 Thinking for the fetus, stay away from radiation

During pregnancy, for the healthy development of the fetus, expectant mothers need to stay away from mobile phone radiation, computer radiation, and radiation of some home appliances (such as microwave oven).Mobile phones are now a necessity of life. Although the influence of radiation is not great, it still needs to maintain a certain distance or reduce the duration of use.If you are a mothers in the workplace, you need to work with a computer every day, and you can also wear radiation uniforms to reduce the damage caused by radiation.

05 Can’t make up, don’t want to show people

Although there are cosmetics and skin care products for pregnant women on the market, there are still many expectant mothers who think that the chemical composition of these cosmetics will have a certain degree of impact on the development of the fetus. Therefore, in order to minimize the impact, no special need for makeup.At the time of, expectant mothers are basically plain or chosen to choose pure natural cosmetics.

06 I gain weight during pregnancy, bloated body

In the early stages of pregnancy, the weight of expectant mothers will not change much, because at this time being disturbed by the early pregnancy reaction, how much will be affected by diet.As the early pregnancy and the third trimester, the early pregnancy reaction gradually disappeared, the diet began to return to normal, the appetite increased greatly, the fetus developed, and the weight naturally increased.If the expectant mother does not pay attention and does not control the weight, there will be too fast growth during pregnancy, leading to bloated body.

Except for the above reasons, expectant mothers may have various reasons. For example, people who are close are around, and there is no idea of sending a circle of friends; some want to secretly give birth to baby, and then amazing everyone.But no matter what the reason, Xiaobian wishes every expectant mother to spend a long October in peace and "unloading" smoothly.


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