Why does it become "panting" after pregnancy "

Recalling the process of the big belly, many people will love "oxygen" very much. Obviously, there is no such urgent desire. Why does it become difficult to breathe after pregnancy?There are even people who need to absorb oxygen because of chest tightness. What are the reasons that cause mothers’ poor breathing?

Poor breathing is full of every period of pregnancy, but the causes of respiratory disorders in each period are different.

1. Division of breathing during early pregnancy is pregnancy discomfort. Each woman will have tiredness, drowsiness, vomiting, or respiratory disorders. Some of the causes of this period are caused by hormone elevation, but more people are as people.Mother’s excitement and uncomfortable role performance,

2. As the fetus grows into the middle of pregnancy, at this time, the mother has already adapted to the role conversion, but the blood capacity of the whole body has greatly increased, which greatly increases the burden on the mother’s heart. Coupled with some anemia, the mother’s daily life will feelThe airflow is not smooth.

3. Entering the third trimester, the fetus grows increasingly, and the swollen uterus pushes the diaphragm more and more. After "compressing" the viscera is squeezed into a ball, the mother has to speed up the breathing speed to try to send more oxygen to the more oxygen to send more oxygen intoThe lungs relieve stress. At this time, the mother’s breathing becomes shorter and rapid.

1. Restriction of intake of nutrition is not supermodel. If the weight increase is too fast, it will not only increase the burden on the heart, but also increase the spine pressure and slow down the blood circulation. The expectant mothers should restrain their own diet and limit the amount of sugar and fat intake.Increase protein appropriately, don’t make your pregnancy into a concentration camp of fat people.

2. Early up early due to poor breathing caused by pregnancy. In addition to timely alleviating symptoms, you can also take vitamin B6 appropriately, and use bed rest and other methods to reduce pressure.

3. If the breathing is not smooth, the amount of activity should be reduced, so that the body will gradually adapt to the burden brought by the fetal increase. After a few weeks of running -in, the body will gradually adapt to this situation, and the organs will make the organs.Corresponding adjustment, this situation will not reproduce the "breath of the breath" until the production of production.

4. Human oxygen.Pregnant women should choose a place with fresh air due to physical reasons. It is best to relieve it with natural methods.

5. Take a side lying on the sleeping posture, and put a soft pillow under the stomach. To support the belly for a fulcrum, it can relieve the breathing.

If the mother’s respiratory disorders will inevitably cause abnormal fetal movement, there is no need to worry about the mild symptoms. As long as the pregnant woman itself is not a high -risk pregnancy, the fetal movement is not extremely intense, and it is a normal category.This kind of respiratory disorders will not be relieved until the pelvis, because the fetus enters the pelvis and liberates the internal organs squeezed in one place.

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