Why does the nipple become bigger and black?8 common problems in breasts after pregnancy

We know that pregnancy will change the body, such as the breasts will develop again.

At the same time, many expectant mothers are annoyed because of "why the nipples are swollen" and "what to do with nipple depression".

Today, Dingxiang’s mother invited Duan Tao, the chief physician, to tell you "the things about the nipple change."

The nipples should be prepared before childbirth, and the changes in nipples and areolas include bigger, dark, and sensitive, which is normal.

However, if it is a sudden change, changes that cannot be explained, and the changes that are gradually aggravated, you must pay attention to it. This may be a pathological state.

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Q1: The nipple becomes larger and darkened

Under the action of hormones, the nipples will become larger, and the nipples and areolas will turn black or brown. The change of color is due to melanin deposition, and the color will gradually fade after delivery.

Q2: The nipple becomes sensitive

Under the action of hormones, nipple areola is significantly larger, pulling the skin, causing the nipples to be sensitive. Sometimes it will be particularly sensitive.

Some people will be uncomfortable even when we wear bra. If it is really uncomfortable, then you can fly the breasts. Just don’t wear a bra for the time being.

Q3: Itchy nipples

The reasons for itching of the nipples are: the nipple increases the skin, and the blood flow of breasts and nipples increases.

The method of solving the nipple itchy includes: to choose a more natural and soft bra; use a softer bath solution; apply some natural vegetable oils containing vitamin E, cocoa, almonds or lavender and other natural vegetable oils on the breasts and nipples after bathing.

The itching symptoms of the nipples will be significantly reduced.

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Q4: Nipple peeling, dryness, cracking

In addition to the role of hormones, these changes may also be the lack of vitamin AB, or the stimulus caused by leakage of milk.

In addition to trying to supplement vitamins, you can also try to apply a variety of emulsions containing natural vegetable oils.

Q5: milk secretion

Some people will have milk secretion before childbirth. At this time, the amount of secretion is usually not too much. It looks thicker and the color is usually yellow or white.

This is normal, don’t worry too much.Be careful not to squeeze the nipples often, which may cause uterine contraction, clean the secreted milk in time, and keep the nipple dry.

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Q6: Nipple scabs

There is no effect on the nipple scabs. Don’t try to remove it. This may cause bleeding and let it go away naturally.

Q7: Polymogyst appear in the nipple

In the middle and late pregnancy, some people’s nipples appear nipples or small fat.If it is a small meat in other parts, it is not necessary to deal with it during pregnancy.

However, if it appears on the nipple, it will affect the breastfeeding in the future, so you should find a mammary doctor for treatment in time and remove it before childbirth.

Article Source: Doctor Duan Tao (ID: Dr_duan_tao)

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