Why don’t you come when you are pregnant?What’s wrong with bleeding during pregnancy?

Breeding a baby is a very beautiful process, but before you find that you did not find pregnancy, this small episode did not come to this little episode, which made female friends annoy a lot of God.Menstruation generally comes regularly with a monthly period. In case it does not come on time, it will really make people very worrying.Under normal circumstances, many people think of the first idea to be pregnant? In fact, it may be pregnant, but have you ever wondered why the menstruation does not come?There may be most people who do not know the reason.

Why don’t you come when you are pregnant?

In fact, the reason is very simple. The menstrual menstruation is caused by the endometrium of the endometrium. Women will change the endometrium during pregnancy. Under the effect of luteal, the endometrium will not fall off, and naturally it will not come.Menstruation.

Under normal circumstances, women will not come to menstruation after pregnancy.However, some people still have bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy. In this case, women generally do not find that they are pregnant. Is this normal?Or does it affect the body?This is a question that many pregnant women care about.

Why does bleeding occur in the early stage?

Under normal circumstances, there may be bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, which is called menstruation of pregnancy.At this time, the bleeding is generally lighter, the flow is small, and the number of days is short. Generally, the time is here for a fixed time. It will appear in the first three months of pregnancy, and only once appears.But if it is a large traffic and abdominal pain, you need to pay attention to it. You should go to the hospital for examination in time.

Knowing that you do n’t have menstruation during pregnancy, the nerves that expectant mothers are already tight, and they will be more concerned about bleeding.If it is pregnancy menstruation, don’t worry too much, keep your fetus with peace of mind.However, we should pay attention to other situations. To prevent or avoid such situations, there are still some precautions in daily life.

How to maintain during pregnancy?

Supplement trace elements

Eat more calcium -containing foods, which is very good for the body, and it is also helpful for the baby’s bone development. You can drink more milk.In addition to replenishing calcium, you also need to take more iron and zinc. Animal internal organs and vegetables contain these, which can eat more appropriately.

Moderate exercise

Some people are too worried that they will affect their children. They will not exercise during pregnancy, and even have been at home. Nothing is done. In fact, this is not a good state.Moderate exercise is good for pregnant women and children.But pay attention to the intensity of exercise. The safe and convenient method is to take a walk.

During pregnancy, most pregnant women are very sensitive. Any problems will respond when there is a problem. The symptoms of bleeding are generally in the early stages of pregnancy, and there is a small amount.

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