Why don’t you recommend you to support your bitch?These points are too "terrible"

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There are many people who raise dogs, and everyone wants to raise a dog to accompany themselves.But if you want to raise a dog, it is not recommended to raise a bitch, just because these points are too "terrible"!

The bitch has a physiological period. In addition to the "aunt", the physiological period will emit a little odor. For the owner who loves cleanliness, it may not be able to stand the smell of the dog.

Moreover, the physiological period of the bitch will be particularly irritable, and it is easy to feel bad, and you need to take care of it. This is really "terrible" for novices!

The bitch of the bitch will be more vigilant and more timid and sensitive, so the bitch is more fragile, and the ability to resist pressure is not strong, so you need to take care of them in all aspects.

Moreover, the bitch is also very sticky, and someone needs to be accompanied. Sometimes the dog is too sticky, which will bring a certain "trouble" to the pet owner.

The bitch is always inevitable when you are pregnant. After pregnancy, the pet owner has a lot of things to pay attention to. Besides, the bitch is in danger.

For novices who do not take care of the bitch and puppies, it will be very handsome, which is also "terrible"!

The male dog is smarter, and they are more likely to respond to the owner’s instructions.Although the bitch’s obedience and concentration are better, the learning ability is not so strong, and the response is slow. Training takes more time than the male dog.

Whether it is a male dog or a bitch, training must be particular about methods. It is best to use some snacks to make it to improve the enthusiasm of the dog.

If you are Yankong, then you advise you not to support the bitch, because theest dog’s face value is indeed slightly inferior to the dog.

Gong dogs will secrete male hormones, which can promote hair growth and make the hair beautiful and shiny.Moreover, the male dog’s body is larger than the bitch, the bones are thicker, and the male dog is more handsome!

If you want to raise a beautiful dog, it is best not to choose a bitch.

Conclusion: Is your family raising a male dog or a bitch?

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