Why don’t you want to go to work when you are pregnant?


1-6 weeks: Nothing, normal work, just running too much and feeling backache.

7-12 weeks: The most severe pregnancy is the most serious. Except for white porridge and salty radish, you can’t eat anything.Sometimes only a bowl of powder is supported for a whole day a day, and his body is deficient.It is particularly sensitive to the smell. It will be retched because of the laundry fluid used by the small employees in the office. It will be retched because of the perfume used by the small employees in the office.It will be retched because of the strong smoke smell on the small employees in the office.Damn every day, and you can’t drink tea and coffee to refresh.Therefore, you don’t want to go to work.Sometimes because no one took the subway, I felt tired, so I was so tired that I didn’t want to go to work.

13-28 weeks: Pregnancy is not so serious, but it still cannot smell a little irritation.At this period, calcium supplementation, calcium supplementation leads to constipation.I am annoyed by constipation every day. The last time the toilet was at least twenty minutes, and I did not want to go to work because the office had no personal independent toilet.I know constipation.In the later period, the belly increased, and I felt difficult to breathe, and my chest tightness was short. It was as if the air of the plateau was thin and could not breathe all at once, especially when the weather was stuffy in the afternoon.So I don’t want to go to work because of the difficulty of breathing in the office.

After 28 weeks: Except for the office that is easy to breathe difficulty, sitting in an office chair for too long, I feel that my waist is about to break.At this time, even if you do n’t do anything, you ca n’t sit at home for a long time.I still often get hungry, and when I was hungry, I ca n’t see the computer.And began to urinate frequently, and constipation.Going to the toilet is definitely the biggest trouble during pregnancy.

After 30 weeks: due to frequent urination, the quality of sleep at night is not good.Sometimes after the toilet, the baby in the stomach began to dance, tossing for half an hour to one hour before sleeping.Sometimes because the uterus increases stomach bloating and acid, I can’t sleep at night.I don’t want to go to work because of insomnia in the second trimester.

35-36 weeks: Because of the fake contraction in the middle of the night, the belly hair is tight, and I can’t sleep without turning around and can’t find a comfortable sleeping position.Because I was leaking with urine in the middle of the night, I was worried about breaking the water. I often continued to observe the leakage of urine in the early morning and could not fall asleep.I can’t sleep because of pubic soreness.Because the calf is easy to cramp and can’t sleep.You can’t sit in the office for a long time, not easy to squat, and not to walk.All kinds of uncomfortable.

40 weeks: When the contraction is irregular, it is a bit like an aunt pain. It hurts several times a day, but the frequency of contraction does not form a regularity.Because it is worried that it will be oxytic again, I heard that the hydraulic cycle of oxytoconis is very painful, so I have to endure irregular contractions, climb the stairs slowly, and rest when the contraction comes.Finally, contractions are getting more and more frequent, frequent until midnight, from pain every 10 minutes to pain every 5 minutes.Finally, wait for the moment of birth.It can only be said that people who are born are all loser.

Real estate: It is the enhanced version of the aunt’s pain, painlessness, and soreness, so painful to kneel down and begging the doctor to be painless.The luck was not good, and the nurses came over.When the stomach is not exhausted, the stomach is swollen like a stone. The nurse knocked twice gently, and it can be painful to the cry of you crying. This is the effect of pressing the pain and mercury before the nurse said before the stomach was pressed.6 hours after surgery, the nurse asked you to turn over.Within 24 hours after surgery, start to get out of bed and walk.I can’t write this memory … In short, you will cry in bed three days before hospitalization because of various examinations therapy.Occasionally passing by the window and seeing the outside world, you seem to stare from hell to the outside world.It’s like you.

After production: You used to think that the most painful child was in the past few days.Until the feeding every two hours, it was not day and night, and it was so trapped that the mental collapse could not concentrate on listening to others.It is not until you experience the pain of opening milk and blocking milk, and you yell in bed that you find that this pain is not as easy as the pain in the opening of the palace.There is also a painful pain, holding the child with too much hands pain to the backache …

Three months after giving birth: Holding the child to hold the heathitis, and continue to hold it, because the child only recognizes his mother when he is in trouble.I have not slept once for three consecutive months.There are also long back pain that lasts for a long time. Going to the hospital is caused by the dislocation of the pelvis.When the bone was in the bone, he still screamed.When the weather changes, the knife mouth of the caesarean section will also be sore and tingling, and the nearby meat is numb.No one helped take the child, so he couldn’t go to work.

Seven months after giving birth: I have not slept once for seven months.Children are getting bigger and heavier, and they have been tired for half an hour. The needs of accompanying are increasing.Back pain is often accompanied by left and right.But the child is really cute, especially when the tender little face hit your face and suddenly slap on your face. He feels that the child can do it. He really loves you.Gradually, a little afraid of going to work, maybe people who were worried about the children who were crying after work couldn’t help but coax.Because this human cub has completely occupied your heart.

It turns out that the suffering of a woman starts from the moment of pregnancy

In summary, I don’t want to go to work.

[Before I gave birth to a baby, I had spent five or six years of 996, but compared with full -time, 996’s life was just like vacation.Because 996 takes at least one day a week, it is guaranteed to sleep more than eight hours a day, at least eating to the toilet can be calm, at least you don’t have to live in the days of lack of value.Therefore, you can not understand the suffering of pregnancy, the pain of production, and the tiredness of the baby, but at least you should not ridicule the suffering of others.Being a person should be kind..

In the end, the baby who has been successful and successful is a healthy and healthy baby

I wish you all the babies who are healthy and healthy, and have survived the most painful, hardest, most embarrassing, and darkest year.

After all, when human cubs are naive to arch the arms in their arms, they will also feel that life is very happy.

Little cub is the only one in this bitter life is worth it

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