Why is anyone allergic to semen?How do girls who are allergic to semen?

Allergies are a very common natural reaction of the human body. Depending on the physical condition, everyone will have different allergies.

For example, some people are allergic to some kinds of vegetables, and some people are allergic to some odors. For most people, allergies in some people have little impact on life.

However, some people’s allergic reactions have a great impact on their lives and even affect their lives.

Semen allergies are one of them. Due to allergies, these women will become extremely difficult.

So how to solve this kind of problem?

Semen allergies are also called sperm antibody, which is a problem in the immune system.

Women with allergies with semen are exposed to men’s semen, their bodies have a clear response.

The immune system also produces corresponding antibodies, so the body surface will have obvious allergies.

First of all, after the private parts with semen allergies come into contact with semen, itching and obvious burning sensation will appear, and this feeling is very strong.

However, because this situation does not necessarily appear immediately, it has not received the attention of most women.

Some women react immediately in the process of husband and wife life, and some women will have problems after a few days after the life of the husband and wife.

The second is the common allergic reaction: dermatitis.

Most allergies will appear a large amount of red dots and plaques on the skin, and accompanied by skin redness and swelling. The specific situation depends on the number of women’s contact with semen.

Because allergen investigation is a very difficult job, some women with allergies of semen do not consider this after allergic reactions.

In the end, it is more dangerous to breathe. Because allergies can cause redness and swelling, the respiratory tract will also have symptoms of allergic reactions.

This symptom is very dangerous. If the situation is severe or even life -threatening, this situation is often in the oral cavity and the respiratory tract contact with semen.

So how does semen allergies appear?

As a way of breeding the human ethnic group, women’s bodies should not be rejected by semen. Why is there still a woman with semen allergies?

This is divided into three cases.

The first case is the abnormal of the immune system.

Everyone’s immune system has different places. Under the interference of multiple factors, some women will have abnormal immune systems and have antibodies to material outside the body.

The semen obviously does not belong to the female body itself, which will cause the resistance of the female body’s immune system.

The second case is genetic factor.

As a problem of immune system, semen allergies can be inherited,

According to the survey, when a family is allergic to semen, its offspring is also likely to suffer from semen immunity.

The third situation is more special. The semen immunity of these women is not born, but formed by the day after tomorrow.

Because women have a resistance to semen and husband and wife life at the ideological level.

Therefore, the body’s immune system will have semen allergies, and this kind of situation must be treated at the spiritual level.

So how should you solve the situation of semen allergies?Can you only be alone or cut off your children?

In fact, semen allergies can be treated or relieved by drugs.

In the face of semen allergies, treatment can be treated through two aspects: behavior and drug.

Semen allergies can be relieved by women. After marriage, both men and women can have a husband and wife life under the condition of comfortable mood.

At this time, you can wear a condom first, that is, only the life of the husband and wife, the female body does not touch the semen, allowing women to gradually adapt.

After the body adapts, you can remove the condom and try to make a small amount of semen in the private parts of women.

If the allergic reaction is still serious at this time, it is necessary to stop the life of husband and wife for treatment.

If allergic reactions are relieved or there is no allergic reaction, the husband and wife can continue to live until pregnant.

In terms of drugs, you can use immunomas such as immune regulators under the advice of a doctor.

Aside from some women with very serious allergies, most women’s semen allergies can gradually alleviate.

In the case of mild symptoms, the life and pregnancy of couples will not have much impact, and the appropriate amount of husband and wife life will not have much harm.

In addition, the frequency and hygiene of the life of husband and wife are also very important.

No matter what age, the frequency of husband and wife life can be controlled in a certain number.

Of course, the frequency standards are not fixed. In the case of no burden on the body, you can freely choose the frequency and strength of the life of the husband and wife.

In terms of hygiene, we need to pay attention to the hygiene of the private parts of men.

Most women pay attention to their own hygiene, and some women even choose to scrape pubic hair to maintain hygiene and dryness, but only women pay attention to hygiene.

The shape of the male private parts determines that it is easier to "hide dirt", so men should be cleaned before they live with husband and wife.

Avoid bringing bacteria into women’s vagina, causing other problems.

Can women suffering from semen allergies can be pregnant?

According to research, semen allergies do not affect pregnancy, but they will increase various physiological reactions during pregnancy.

Therefore, it is not recommended to get pregnant when women have semen allergies.

If a woman is pregnant, the state of pregnant women must be observed in the first three months of pregnancy.

If the state is very unstable, it needs to be blends in time. If the state is very stable, production can be performed.

Of course, women who have semen allergies should not have a husband and wife life during pregnancy, because allergic reactions have a great impact on the fetus, and it is very easy to cause miscarriage.

Semen allergies are a very rare situation.

Coupled with the particularity of its allergies, there is no very good treatment method at present, and it can only be relieved by drugs and other methods.

If a female body has semen allergy, it needs to be treated with a gentle means. Do not frequently occur in life and pregnancy of husband and wife.

Once the life of husband and wife is frequently occurred in the case of semen allergies, it will not only affect your health, but also endanger life.

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