Why is it easy to constipation during pregnancy?It has to be related to these reasons, 4 simple tricks to relieve you

In October, all kinds of hardships are self -evident.When enjoying the joy of being a mother, there are various discomforts and constipation, which is one of the most common troubles of pregnant women.

It can be said that it is one of the most common symptoms during pregnancy, also called pregnancy constipation.The main manifestations are: the intention and the times have become less; the bowel movements are not smooth, difficult and laborious; the stools, hard stools, and there are always endless bowel movements; some are accompanied by abdominal pain or abdominal discomfort, some are accompanied by insomnia insomnia, Stimulation, Dream, Depression, anxiety and other phenomena.

The more severe this symptoms, the more severe the late pregnancy, and sometimes there are no stools for a few days, and some can not defecate smoothly for 1-2 weeks, resulting in various problems.

details as follows:

1. It will increase the physical discomfort of pregnant women

Constipation can lead to metabolism disorders, endocrine disorders, and imbalance of trace elements, etc., which causes skin pigmentation, itching, unpleasant complexion, dry hair, and spots.

2. Affect fetal development and childbirth

Long -term accumulation of feces in the intestine can swell the abdomen and bloated, which will squeeze into the growth space of the fetus, affecting the development of the fetus.Some stools accumulated in the intestine will be blocked during childbirth during childbirth, causing prolonged or even difficulty in the production process.

The harm of constipation is so great, what should I do?To solve the problem, of course, the reason must be found first.

1. Endocrine hormone changes

After pregnancy, there will be a large amount of progesterone secretion in the placenta, causing the internal environment to change, causing the food for food to stay in the intestine for too long.Hard, it is difficult to discharge the body normally.

2. Diet changed

In order to allow the fetus in the abdomen to replenish enough nutrition, they will consume a lot of high -protein and high -fat foods and ignore vegetables or coarse grains.As a result, the cellulose content in the gastrointestinal tract is not enough, causing dry stool.

3. Sports less than before

After pregnancy, many women are afraid that the sports will hurt the fetal gas. In addition, the family will also "care", so sitting or lying regularly, the amount of exercise will be greatly reduced.Decreased digestive ability, aggravating abdominal distension and constipation.

4. The internal structure of the body changes

As the uterus is constantly increasing and the weight is also increasing, it will constantly compress the large intestine, which will cause poor blood circulation, slow down the stool’s operation speed, and cause it to fail to defecate normally.

Knowing the reason for constipation, how to solve it?The key point is!

1. Timed laxation

To develop good habits of timely defecation in the morning or after breakfast, about one hour after breakfast is generally the best time to defecate.When you have a good intention, you must take the toilet in time, don’t ignore it, let alone tolerate inconvenience. If you have more times, you will not come out.

have to be aware of is:

Do not take too long for the toilet, otherwise it will easily lead to rising abdominal pressure, which will cause difficulties in the return of the lower limbs.It is best to use the toilet to stool, and then use the squat -free hips to wash the perineum and the anus. It is hygienic and avoids long -term squats to increase the abdominal pressure.

2. Reasonable diet and water

Drink water reasonably and eat more fiber -containing foods, such as apples, radish and other vegetables, fruits, and beans.

3. Increase the amount of exercise

In the case of maintaining adequate sleep, happy mood, and relaxing spirit, exercise should be properly. For example, insisting on walking for more than half an hour every evening, multi -activity can enhance gastrointestinal peristalsis, which is conducive to defecation.

4. Careful taking medicine

If constipation cannot be reduced, you must seek medical treatment immediately and use the medicine according to the doctor’s order.

It should be noted that do not use laxatives at will, especially in the late pregnancy.Some laxatives have a certain toxic side effect, which will affect the growth and development of the fetus, and some can even cause uterine contraction, leading to abortion or premature birth.

The constipation of pregnant women can be large or small. The best way to improve is to start from the way of lifestyle, and to overcome it by their own efforts, rather than solve the medication.Finally, I wish you all a happy pregnant mother.Don’t forget, like the end of the text ~

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