Why is it prone to gallstones during pregnancy and which symptoms can help you discover in time

As we all know, the main role of gallbladder is to store bile.After eating, the gallbladder is discharged to the intestine through the lofty contraction, thereby helping the small intestine digest food.The bile is mainly composed of cholesterol, bilirubin and gallbladder salt.When these ingredients are imbalanced, gallstones are formed, such as cholesterol stones and gallbladder stones.

So will the probability of suffering from gallstones between pregnancy increase?The answer is -yes.First of all, women’s risk of gallstones is higher than men.After pregnancy, the rise in hormone levels will lead to a rise in cholesterol levels and delayed gallbladder empty, which further increases the risk of gallstones during pregnancy.Studies have shown that nearly 8%of pregnant women will form new gallstones in the third trimester (after 28 weeks).But don’t worry, because only about 1%of them will have symptoms.

So, what symptoms do gallstones occur during pregnancy?——It is actually similar to the symptoms of gallstones with ordinary people.The most common symptoms are biliary colic seizures: right upper abdomen or middle and upper abdominal pain; if complications occur, it can also be accompanied by: continuous occurrence of biliary colic, no stop, vomiting, fever, white stool, deepening urine color, skin skin, skinAnd white hair yellow and so on.This may indicate a cholecystitis or biliary obstruction, and you need to seek medical treatment immediately, otherwise it may develop serious problems such as acute obstructive cholangitis or pancreatitis.

The preferred diagnostic method of gallstones is the abdominal B -ultrasound, which is also the safest test for pregnant women.

In terms of treatment, you should avoid eating and drinking water when you have acute attacks. Doctors will first use painkillers and venous infusion to relieve symptoms until the attack fades.If these symptomatic treatment cannot relieve biliary twiste, you need to consider gallbladder removal.

Gallbladder removal is usually performed in middle or early pregnancy.However, for pregnant women with severe complications, surgery is recommended regardless of which stage of pregnancy.If the gallstone is falling down and the gallbladder is blocked, the doctor will also consider the gastroscopy to retrograde the gallbladder pipe (ERCP) to clear the gallbladder.

Little translation reminds that pregnant mothers, if there are symptoms such as gallbladder twisrteitaria during pregnancy (especially late pregnancy) during pregnancy (especially late pregnancy), leave one more heart, and go to the emergency department to do an abdominal B -ultrasound if necessary, Differential diagnosis, so as to protect the sailing of October in October.


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