Why is it so important for a 12 -week birth test?

Red Net Moment News, September 2 (Correspondent Wang Yuanyuan) NT full name of the rear transparent layer of the fetus, that is, obtain the results through the B -ultrasound, and measure the thicker part of the lower skin transparent layer of the fetal neck.To screen out early pregnancy chromosomal diseases and fetal abnormalities. This examination is only a routine examination of fetal malformations, but it is not a diagnosis test.

In June of this year, Ms. Li, who lives in Tianyuan District, was pleased to find that she was pregnant. During the 12 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Li went to Hunan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital for a birth checkup. When she was an ultrasound of the fetus, she found that NT thickened reached 3.7mm.At the time, Ms. Li felt that she was thunderous at the time. She searched all kinds of serious consequences on the Internet. She thought that her child must have a chromosomal problem. At that time, she was crying in the obstetric genetic clinic.After the facialation explanation of Director Wang of the genetic outpatient clinic, Ms. Li performed amniotic fluid puncture examination at the genetic clinic of the birth of her in 16 weeks. Soon after, the results of the amniotic fluid puncture showed normal, and Ms. Li finally relieved.

So what should I do if I find that NT thickened in the birth of pregnant mothers?First of all, the thickened NT value means that the risk of abnormal fetal abnormalities increases. Pregnant mothers do not have to give up the examination because of this, and follow the doctor’s words to do a follow -up examination.Then you need to exclude whether there are chromosomal malfunctioning. Generally, it is determined by inspection by amniotic fluid puncture, chorionic puncture, etc.In addition, an ultrasonic examination will be performed at 16-18 weeks of pregnancy to exclude the early structure of the fetus.After these abnormalities are excluded, the later period is performed according to the normal production inspection.

In addition, NT examination is only a small project during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers do not have to be overly worried about this, and most pregnant mothers can pass the examination smoothly.NT tests are relatively high in the fetal position and status. All pregnant mothers need to do is to maintain a good mood. You can talk to your baby before checking.In addition, you can bring a little snacks, such as milk, biscuits, etc. during inspection.If the first check is not too close, the doctor will arrange for pregnant mothers to go out to rest and eat desserts, so that the baby will be excited and can better cooperate with the doctor to change the position.

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