Why is my stomach swelled?You may feel the 14 causes of abdominal distension, and how to deal with it

One thing is yes: I feel uncomfortable.Although the swelling rarely represents serious things, it usually disappears after a few hours (walking around, drinking water, and waiting for it), but it still makes you feel bad.

Fortunately, you don’t have to endure that uncomfortable abdominal distension forever.Here, doctors will weigh all the reasons for your bloating -and what you can do to feel better as soon as possible.

What causes your bloating?

The rhythm of life makes us rush, but if this makes you anxious to eat, please note that in addition to food, you will swallow the air with gas, which will make you feel bloating.The stranded air is not the only expansion trigger factors here.MiddleBerg Nutrition’s New York City Nutritionist Stephanie Middleberg told Health: "When you eat in a hurry, you have not chewed thoroughly, which will cause greater food blocks to stay in your intestines and wait for being completely digested." Another eats quickly.Danger: You don’t know how much you eat, eating will make you feel full.Rather than eat at least 20 minutes to sit down to sit down for at least 20 minutes.This is how long your brain takes to record fullness, which shows that it is time to put down your fork.

Even the healthiest sandwich is often sodium.A recent study by the US Department of Agriculture found that the sodium content in typical sandwiches can be chewed by 20% of sodium intake. Janet Brill, a nutritionist in Philadelphia, and the author of "Blood pressure" book,Dr. said.A study of CDC in 2012 lists the most sodium content, many of which are sandwiches."Bread and bread rolls are listed as the first source of sodium in the typical American diet, while cooked meat is ranked second, and the cheese follows closely," Brill said.The Center for Disease Prevention and Control recommends that the sodium intake is kept below 2,300 mg. You can prevent the abdominal distension by alternating the sandwich habits with other foods or abandoning bread and wrapped it with a crispy lettuce.

Yuyi cabbage is rich in essential vitamins, and is a well -deserved fashion salad superstar.The problem is that this kind of cross flower vegetable contains a lot of difficult fibers and a kind of ugly sugar called cotton sugar, so eating raw raw in ingot may cause flatulence and puffiness, Midelberg said.Yuyi Cabbage is not the only vegetarian.Other Cross -Flower Vegetables such as ball buds and broccoli have the same effect."Eat less feathers to reduce abdominal distension, and cook the feathers you eat through steaming or roasting," Midelberg suggested.You can still get nutrition, but cooking helps to soften fibers and reduce the volume of the 羽 您 您, so it will not occupy too much intestinal destruction space in your small intestine.

Coffee, fruity smoothies, green fruit juice -Today, various beverages are designed to sip through straws.However, although the straw is very convenient, the straw will force you to inhale a lot of extra air -it will make you feel like an inflatable balloon, Midelberg said.It is not important to sip how slow or deep.The air you inhaled has been trapped by the upper part of the pipe, which is unavoidable.As long as possible, drink your drink from the edge of the glass.

Third, the culprit is sodium -it is used as preservatives with a large amount of processing convenient food.You know that biscuits and potato chips are sodium bombs, but even foods that look very healthy, such as salad sauce, oatmeal and ketchup, may also contain a large amount of sodium, which can easily lead to the recommended limit of 2,300 mg per day."It is certain that almost all the products packaged in the packaging contain more sodium than you think, and you are unlikely to taste the taste of salt," Brill said.By reading tags and selecting packaging foods containing less than 500 mg to avoid the effects of abdominal distension.Of course, try to reduce the processed things, and it is filled with fresh fruits, grains and vegetables with natural low sodium or sodium without sodium without sodium.

From weight loss drinks to gum and candy, everything is added with artificial sugar, such as Asba sweet and trichlorite.But there is a price at low calories or no calories.Although the FDA has acknowledged that the sugar alternative of zero calories is safe, they are severe bloating induction.Artificial sweeteners stay in your stomach for a long time, because your system cannot digest them (or can’t digest it at all).It makes sense, considering that they do not contain anything about your system recognition as actual food, Midelberg said."Eliminate them from your diet, you will immediately feel liberated," she said.

Midelberg said that the same tiny bubbles can make soda and soda water feel bubbles, and it will also cause your stomach to swelling.Because artificial sweeteners cannot be digested, the abdominal distension of sugar -free soda is more serious.

Isn’t it really without yoursing?Turn it on before drinking or pour the drink into a cup equipped with ice cubes to reduce carbonate.

Kidney beans, spotted beans, black beans, red beans (plus their beans cousin, lentils and eagle -mouth beans) are a great source of high -quality plant protein.Unfortunately, carbohydrates in beans are often difficult to digest, which is why they are high -gas and abdominal distension, Brill said.The problem is that beans can promote the health of many dishes. From pepper to soup to Mexican biscuits, it is a nutritious crime to remove them completely from your diet.Solution: Use non -prescription antivirus products in your beans, such as Beano."These enzymes that contain our lack of carbohydrates are easy to digest," Brill said."Take is safe, it can prevent discomfort from bloating."

Mouth gum and hard sugar can keep your mouth busy, which can help you lose weight or quit smoking.But they will also make you inadvertently swallow a lot of excess air.Just like using a straw and eating too fast, too much air can cause snoring and bloating.Try to give up gum and suction cups, but often drink water -this will also keep your mouth busy.H2O also has a advantage: Bai Kaishui helps to maintain gastrointestinal movement, so as to eliminate too much air and water to expand your system. Nutrition and food spokesman Alissa Rumsey RD told health.

If you have a meal of ordinary dinner within one or two hours before going to bed, you will prepare for the morning discomfort.Lying down will affect digestion, so if you have food in your belly when you sleep on the bed, it will not be broken down quickly, allowing you to become bloating in the morning, Rumsey said.It is not always easy to change your schedule, but try to eat dinner at least three to four hours before going to bed.Stand as much as possible so that you can keep activities before falling asleep.If you have no choice, you can only eat before going to bed, then make small things, such as a fruit or yogurt, and then eat a meal for breakfast to replenish your energy. When your metabolism rises again, your metabolism rises again, youThe body will benefit from the energy impact.

Carbohydrates seem to be harmless, but there are several ways to make your flatulence. Deborah Cohen, an associate professor at the Department of Clinical and Prevention of Nutrition Sciences at the University of Health University of Rogers, told health.Eagle -mouth beans, kidney beans, black beans, spotted beans, peas, and lentils have high fiber content in composite carbohydrates, which can cause flatulence and abdominal distension.All of this must be attributed to the bacteria in the intestine, which will produce gas as by -products for digestive fibers.

However, this does not mean that you should give up all high -fiber foods.On the contrary, Cohen said that you will want to turn to fiber foods that do not make you flattelling, such as tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, cucumber and green beans.

Cohen said that if you are sensitive to gluten, eating bread or biscuits such as gluten -containing carbide compounds can cause abdominal distension.If you suspect that this is your bloating, Cohen suggested that you consult your doctor or nutritionist for diet guidance.

Covering may also bring less interesting side effects, such as pain and bloating.The reason is very simple. Gans said: The longer the stool stays in the colon, the longer the bacterial fermentation time, which will lead to the gas volume gathering.

In order to eliminate the bloating caused by constipation, you really need to let things move there again."Increasing fiber intake through fruits, vegetables, 100% whole grains and beans may help alleviate constipation," Gande said.Cohen said that the sports and plenty of water -the National Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Engineering and the Medical College suggested to drink about 11.5 cups of liquid every day -it is also helpful.

Cohen said that fructose is a kind of sugar. If you want to get real technology, it is a sugar molecule composed of two units and part of sucrose.And, yes, it can expand you.

"A large amount of fructose in the intestine can attract water into the intestine," Cohen explained.This can cause fullness and bloating.Prevention is indeed a way to go.Cohen said that fructose appeared in many sugar -free gum and candy, as well as apple juice and honey.If you seem to be the reason for your bloated, it is time to reduce the scale.In addition, it is best to go to a doctor -you may have fruit sugar intolerance.

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