Why is the ancient woman pregnant?What are the mysteries?What are you particular about?

I believe that in many costume dramas, I have heard the lines of "in the six".Friends who like to read ancient novels or love stories are common.The ancients referred to as a woman’s pregnancy with "in the six", which can be said to be a well -known common sense.However, it is not easy to really tell the doorway.

So, why did the ancients use "Six Armor" to refer to women’s pregnancy?What exactly is this statement?

This is really an interesting topic.It is generally believed that the statement of six Jiajia is related to the ancient time of my country.Everyone knows that our ancestors originally used the timing method of Tiangan and Earthly Branches, that is, with two -day dry and twelve earthly branches, we established a circular sequence. Each complete sequence has a total of sixty combinations.Among these sixty combinations, there are six combinations starting with A -"Jiazi", "Jiayin", "Jiachen", "Jiawu", "Jiashen" and "Jiayu".These six combinations starting with A are collectively referred to as "Liuga".

According to people’s simple cognition, most of them are regarded as "start".This is connected with Taoist "two life two, two lives and three, three lives".In the "Six Jia", especially Jiazi Day, it is the first one in the entire large loop, and naturally it has also given good hope.Similarly, the remaining five days before "A" are better than other days in the hearts of the people.Among the ancient courts, such a good day would be selected.

Under this concept, people also tend to think that in the "six" rooms in the same room help to conceive.Moreover, under the limited medical conditions of ancient times, women’s pregnancy production is also very risky.In such a historical background, the ancients gradually referred to the women’s pregnancy with "being pregnant with the six".Among them, the hope and sustenance of women’s beautiful life.

As for when this generation refers to when it appears, it is not easy to verify now.However, it can be seen that in the "Sui Book of Scriptures", a classics named "Six Jia Guan Nihile Books" mentioned.Although the book has been lost, according to the introduction of "Journalism", the book pointed out that the six "A Day" in the previous article is very easy to conceive.Unfortunately, this book has long been lost.

If the "Sui Shu · Jing Ji Zhi" is remembered, we can generally speculate that until the Late of the Sui Dynasty, the ancients had already used the six to refer to women’s pregnancy.This generation refers to use in some ancient historical novels.For example, in books such as "The State of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty", "History of Zen Zhenyi", and "Thirteen Dynasties of the Qing Palace", they have used "body with the six" to refer to women’s pregnancy.

For example, in the second round of "Eastern Zhou Dynasty", there is such a sentence:

"I don’t have to die, but I am lucky, and I am pregnant with the six months."

In this book, the woman pointed out that she was pregnant with "in the six".Similarly, similar expressions have been used in "History of Zen Zhenyi":

Really, the cheapness delayed the Liujia, and often felt uneasy abdominal pain, so he was annoyed to ask for a son.

The expression here, although it is used to use "Six Armor", it means the same meaning.It can be seen that in the expression of the ancients, she was pregnant with six Jiajia and Dan Liujia, which can be used for women to get pregnant on behalf of themselves.In addition to the aforementioned, the wording has a kind of elegant name.

Of course, in addition to women used to claim to be self -proclaimed, they can also be used in the third person to refer to women’s pregnancy.For example, in the 72nd round of "Thirteen Dynasties of the Qing Palace", there are such expressions:

"There is another Nala noble man who worshiped his life and called the palace supervisor to play back, saying that the illness would not go.

From this point of view, the words of the six -guida finger can also be used for third -person named fingering women’s pregnancy.This usage has been a long time, and it has become a way of expression that everyone is commonly used.

It is also worth mentioning that in the ancient folk beliefs, there is also the saying of "six fetal gods".For example, in the book "Luban Sutra", there is such a sentence:

On the day, the sixth fetal gods are occupied.

The meaning can be literally translated as: On the day of the day, the sixth fetal gods live in the door.The emergence of the sixth fetal gods is mostly related to ancient cognition of science.As mentioned earlier, the medical standards at that time were limited, and women were pregnant and produced with great risks.Therefore, people often say that the production of ancient women is like walking from the Ghost Gate.Therefore, in order to pray for peace, the ancients often hoped to be in the gods.In this background, the "Six Fetal Gods" will also occur.However, limited to a specific era, this is understandable, let alone too harsh.

In short, through the above content, we can generally know that using "body in the six" to refer to women’s pregnancy, it is a still expression habit that follows, and it also belongs to "elegant name".The emergence of this expression has the hope of the ancients for a better life, and it is also a distinctive expression of ancient China.Of course, this expression seems elegant, but also contains bitterness, explaining the huge risks of ancient women produced.Snoopy pregnant woman facial cleanser’s milk cleansing cream cleansing milk Mommy moisturizing and soft cleansing foam 120ml bred mother -in -day mother skin care products hydrating ¥ 38 Buy

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