Why is there a "brown secretion" after menstruation?Gynecologist tells you the answer

Menstruation comes on time every month. This can also reflect the healthy state of the uterus and ovaries in a timely manner. It can timely understand that your menstrual cycle and menstrual blood color. Clear visits on time can effectively reduce the probability of gynecological inflammation.

Generally speaking, the menstrual cycle of female friends will be 28 days to 32 days. Each person has different physical fitness, so advance or extension is normal.

Female friends in front of the screen, have you observed such a phenomenon?After the menstruation is over, there will always be some brown secretions on the underwear. Why is this?


Why is there a "brown secretion" after menstruation?Gynecologist tells you the answer

1. Lutelite function is small

After menstruation is clean, some brown objects will always be secreted. Perhaps because the luteal ketone function in the body decreases, you should go to the hospital for further examination in time. Under the guidance of a doctor, you should adjust the body in time to alleviate this condition.

2. Endocrine disorders

Endocrine disorders also affect the menstrual cycle and menstrual blood color. Endocrine disorders will cause the menstrual period to be affected. After the end of menstruation, some brown objects will be secreted.

If you also have the above situation, you should go to the hospital for conditioning in time to avoid chronic diseases in your body and damage the uterus.

3. Caused by the birth ring

Before the second -child policy was opened, my country implemented family planning, strictly required female friends to conduct reasonable contraception through the birth ring, put it inside the uterine cavity to avoid accidental pregnancy.

Although the birth ring can have an ideal contraceptive effect, it will cause women’s uterine cavity to be affected. After menstruation, brown secretions are prone to occur. If this phenomenon occurs, you should go to the hospital for examination in time.ring.

4. Do not go clean menstruation

Brown secretions appear within two or three days after menstruation. Perhaps the menstruation has not been discharged. It is normal physiological phenomenon, and it usually lasts for about three or four days.

If the brown splitter is still secreting after a week, it is recommended that you go to the hospital for examination in time to avoid gynecological inflammation.

5. Diseases with gynecological diseases

80%of female friends will experience some gynecological diseases, such as common uterine fibroids, endometritis, cervical inflammation, irregular menstruation, etc. These gynecological inflammation will cause unclean menstruation, prone to brown secretion after leaving, brown secretion after leavingBest.

Or when there are some severe lesions in the uterus, they are not controlled in time, causing cervical damage, and the secretions gradually become serious.

6, menstrual blood is not discharged in time

When female friends have qi stagnation and blood stasis, some large amounts of brown discharge occurs. This is mainly because menstrual blood is not discharged in time, resulting in toxins accumulated in the body.

You can appropriately observe the blood color. If it is dark and dark, and a large amount of blood clots occur, you should go to the hospital for examination in time. Do not drag it again and drag minor illnesses into a serious illness.


Health Tips: During the period of the holiday, women try to withdraw the following foods as much as possible

1. Dairy products or meat

Female friends during the holidays should eat less dairy products, such as skimmed milk, dried cheese, ice cream, bactericidal milk, yogurt, milk, etc., followed by some meat.

Because dairy products or other meat foods will cause excessive prostate hormones, causing severe contraction inside the uterus, and repeat dysmenorrhea.

2. Carbonated drinks or drinking

It is not recommended that female friends drinking some caffeine or alcoholic drinks during menstruation will cause female friends to become more anxious, irritable, breast tenderness, and cause physical discomfort to gradually strengthen.

The effective substances in beverages will consume vitamins in the body, destroy the metabolic ability of the original carbohydrate, accelerate blood circulation, increase the menstrual blood volume abnormally, and often menstrual periods.

3. Spicy stimulating food

Female friends should avoid spicy food during menstruation, otherwise it will easily lead to endocrine disorders, disorders of hormone secretion, increase the menstrual flow abnormally, and reduce or extend the menstrual period.

On the other hand, the irritation of such foods can cause uterine muscle contraction and cause dysmenorrhea. Not only peppers, but also foods such as green onions, ginger, onion, garlic, etc.

4. Eat less fried food

There are many oil -rich ingredients in fried foods, which will reduce the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal and intestines and become more difficult to digest. On the other hand, after high temperature treatment of fried foods, some nutrients will be lost.Cancer.

For female friends, the physical fitness during the holidays is weak. If you eat fried food frequently, it will cause the subcutaneous tissue to increase the oil secretion and block the hair follicles, making the skin rough and easy to grow acne.


Reading extension: Eat the following foods more to help detoxify and face

1. Little red beans

Red beans can supplement women’s qi and blood, rich in high fiber calories and low fat content. The appropriate use is to use some small red beans to help eliminate excess water in the body and play a effect of diuretic diuretic.

During the menstruation, this is a good food that timely discharge excess moisture and toxin garbage in the body to prevent fat matter from precipitation in the body.

2. Pig blood

Pig blood is rich in plasma protein. After gastrointestinal digestion, it can decompose a special ingredient with detoxification effects, promote the absorption of gastrointestinal absorption of more nutrients, and help female friends detoxify beauty.

For constipation, eating some pig blood appropriately can effectively relieve it, prevent the harmful metal substances in the body from generating chemical reactions, and discharge them out of the body to the fastest extent.

Warm reminder, when buying pig blood on the market, you must choose to buy regular supermarkets. Do not be greedy and cheap to avoid putting food additives or other harmful substances in pig blood. The body brings a counterproductive effect.

3, brown sugar

Brown sugar is rich in iron and calcium elements. It can supplement the cells of the cells, mild personality, can supplement female qi and blood, relieve pain, and provide hematopoietic function, which helps to make facial skin more rosy.

Drink some brown sugar ginger tea during the menstrual period to help exclude more toxins and blood stasis, alleviate the cold phenomenon of palace, strengthen the resistance and immunity of female friends, make people look younger and vibrant. It is a good way to maintain the uterus.product.

4, jujube

I believe that female friends are very familiar with jujube, soft and glutinous and sweet, and put jujube in hot water together to replenish water, and at the same time can delay skin aging.

Drinking some jujube and wolfberry in the menstrual period can relieve back pain, prevent dysmenorrhea, supplement women’s qi and blood, and maintain the function of the uterus and ovaries.


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